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You Want to Try These for Your Weekend in Montreal !

Weekend in Montreal

I was born and raised in Montreal.As a local, I am the best person to convince you to come to Montreal, whether you have  a week or a weekend .Believe it or not, I still wander around the city only to find secret gems to discover & share with you.   I will write about  the secret gems in another post.

Old Montreal

Old Montreal is almost everyone’s favourite part of the city and I don’t blame you, it is unique and charming with cobblestone streets & quant coffee shops and restaurants. It is the most historic centre  of Montreal. Indeed, there are lots of things to do here. As a tourist, you choose what you enjoy the best; here are what I suggest to do if you come for a weekend.

La Grand Roue de Montreal 

Montreal’s Ferris wheel was recently built. It is situated in the Old Port of Montreal and open all season long. No worries about the cold or summer’s humidity, you can control the temperature when seated in the wheel. This is a great way to  learn &see  the city views and St Lawrence  River. The price ranges from 20$-25$. I haven’t been yet but will not say no to this, a definite night view experience is what I would aim for.

La Grande Roue de Montreal
La Grande Roue de Montreal

Le Marche Bonsecour

It is ranked as top 10 Canada’s Heritage building inaugurated in 1847. This market is open all year round and is a must for local shopping. Everything is made in Quebec, obviously right? You find local’s artisan and craft, jewellery, fashions , art , furniture and coffee shops .


Le Bonsecours Market
Le Bonsecours Market


Bixi Bikes

Just across the Caleshe Rides, there is a hidden spot for the Bixi Rentals. Now if it were up to me, I would reverse it and emphasize to promote more Bixi over the Caleshe . In June 2017, 2 horses collapsed due to the heat, it was a very controversial debate here in Montreal, we wanted the Caleshe to stop but the major decided to continue for tourists reasons.

Part of a travel influencer and why I chose to do this is to bring awareness. Awareness to global issues, environmental issues or smart travel. When I talk about smart travel , I mean to  conserve and protect the environment and/or  animals for the sake of “tourism” . I have a right to express my opinions and I write with honesty . If there is something I do not believe in, if it’s a hotel, product or service I will not camouflage the truth. The Caleshe is one of them.

Bixi Bikes is a great way to feel like a local, because we are always using Bixi bikes. The concept is to ride it and drop it at a next station. We call it station to station. Stations are all around the city. If you have a short stay in Montreal, it’s a fantastic way to discover a different area of the city. I strongly recommend choosing Bixi and give the horses a break.


Art Galleries

You want to feel inspired enough to buy local art in Montreal?

Lined up on St Paul street , there is an array of art galleries and they are all free.It showcases some our local artists talent on canvas, sculptures or design. Bring your wallet because some art I have seen are quite a hefty amount.


Le Petit Dep

This must be one of my favourite place to stop for coffee. It is lovely and charming.  It is a “depanneur” our language on a convenient store in Montreal. Small but  a wonderful place  with free Wifi , goodies with coffee or tea. An adorable decor to charm anyone coming in. This tiny place is a gem and a must visit when in Old Montreal.

Le Petit Dep
Le Petit Dep

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