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It is of no surprise, the travel industry is changing. There are travel trends that are occurring that you need to know and understand. Online interactions and exposure to quick and diverse information , has changed the industry dramatically. Know this to make it easier on you .

I believe due to the large exposure to social media, people want to travel more to destinations they never thought would be possible. People are purchasing adventures over purchasing a luxury resort. I think it is amazing!

Photo by ElementsDigital for Unsplash
Photo by ElementsDigital for Unsplash

People are going to places they always dreamt of because now it is more accessible. Travel influencers , like myself ,are showing it is possible. I must give credit to the millennials setting a positive example to the world , to travel more. According to demographics, people are choosing one of a lifetime experiences in their travel decisions. Bravo!!

New Travel Trends 2019

Eco Travels that focuses on education on the environment or welfare of animal wildlife is in high demand. I think this is great however when it comes to the environment and over tourism, we still have a lot of work to do. This may be a high percentage from past years but it is a good solid start.

Unique Tour Groups is another common trend that I am noticing. More and more people want a full experience in travel to be part of a unique tour. I am seeing this mostly within women. Intrepid Travels has recently organized only female tours, Women Expeditions to encourage female empowerment. Once again, as I mentioned before, solo travelling is a trend that will only make this change evolve to better things!

Photo by Ian Scneider @golan  by Unsplash
Photo by Ian Scneider @golan by Unsplash

Due to a high rise of Airnb, people are opting more to stay and socialize with locals than ever before. This in itself is another positive change to travel. I have always said it, isn’t travelling about interacting and exchanging with locals? People now want to live , eat and learn local customs.


More and more people are booking online. It has been said that not booking online will cost you a lot more money . There are many you can use like Booking , Expedia or Travelocity .

Is there anyone who still goes to a travel agent?

The most traffic on bookings is on Mondays around 10:00 am the least is at 6am. Now anyone who is a morning person, you are an advantage . At 6am the airline companies drop prices and it starts to increase during the daytime.

Before I booked my flight to Sydney Australia, the price was high, I did not think I would go. I kept checking everyday . I did notice a decrease in price but the price was still too high, so I waited. I remember specifically on a Sunday morning at approximately 6am, the price dropped drastically therefore I booked !

Photo bu suhyeon-choi-184102-unsplash
Photo bu suhyeon-choi-184102-unsplash

The Rise of Bleisures – Business & Pleasure

Well here is a new word, bleisure ! More and more business travellers are opting to add pleasure in their business travels. They are adding time to themselves and travel pleasures in their leisure time.

This is not only the millenials but any business traveller. The most popular bleisures destinations are not only in North America but internationally.

here are the top bleisure destinations:

  • New York City
  • Chicago
  • Los Angeles
  • Tel Aviv
  • London
  • Paris
  • Tokyo
  • Singapore
  • Shanghai

According to companies, they are supportive of bleisure travel because it brings job satisfaction. Yes indeed I would take this anytime.


Influencers are playing a huge part in the travel industry. Influencers are such a driving force in travel that Trip Advisor is now implementing their views as priority in order to boost their own website. This is not only with Trip Advisor but influencers share their voice & opinions in the travel business as never before. Since the rise of influencers and social media, there has been an increase in unpopular travel destinations.

And this is just the beginning. Travelling will become more accessible to everyone which is a good thing but let’s be conscious of over tourism and how this impacts the environment. The industry is changing ; let’s all play our part and gear it in the right direction.

So what are your thoughts on the travel industry? Any changes you see you would like to share?

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