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Why Do We Travel?
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Why Do You Travel ?

We all have our reasons why we travel . The need to go out in the world and explore. Well perhaps it is not even to explore but a way to distract from our everyday lives. I like to call it retracting from the “Rat Race”.

Rat Race
Rat Race -Picture credit Jacek Dylan from Unsplash

Seriously have you ever wondered why we are all consumed by it ? No one in our education taught us the true values to life or at least find our own way .

We rush to our cars , to the bus or metros and rush to reach to the door of our work. We work 7-8 hours and rush back home.The routine starts again . This chaos dominates our lives and have shattered our freedom; a fundamental trait of human existence. Ugh !

Is this what we are meant to do ? I think and believe most people never will have the luxury to gain insight as to what sparks their soul. This routine of a sense of imagined rush prevents one from understanding what truly is the meaning of life.

If this is meaningful for you, I applaud you without judgment. If the 1-2 sunny destination to get away from it all to travel to something we do not have is satisfactory for you, I applaud you again.

Powerful Reasons to Travel

They say the Millennials have this yearning need to travel further and beyond? They work so they can go travel to exotic places. Millennials are taking a different approach to travel more than the previous generations.

More millennials are saying I want to travel the world ! I am from a different generation but I want to travel the world too.

Millennials – Simon Maage photo credit by Unsplash

Meet the youngest millennial Sal Lavallo at the ripe age of 27 years old has travelled to every country of the world. Just close to the finishing line, and soon beating him , there is a youngest girl at 20 years old that has only 5 countries to go. This is a phenomenal achievement.

There is the 1st black woman travelling to every country of the world! I applaud everyone of this achievement .

But why are there people who want to travel to every country of the globe ?

Challenging Oneself

I started blogging to encourage everyone to travel more and encourage yourself to be better travellers. What does that even mean you ask ? It is about searching for a better experience, it is about making a difference in the world of travel.

New Perspective on Travel
New Perspective on Travel – beautiful picture credit from Tess by Unsplash

Travel gives us a new perspective on life . Your perspective of the world counts . With this , we can enrich our lives. This experiences helps us understand how we can make this world a better place , not change it but better.

Traveling will open your eyes to the world and it should make you a better person. To me it was never about getting the “best tan” or the perfect bikini line . Travelling is about understanding the world we live in and with this insight, we learn to understand , that humanity, we all seek the same things in life; love , peace, freedom, safety and a meaningful life.

Humanity – Picture credit by Aaron Blanco Tejedor by Unsplash

It is up to me, as an influencer, to encourage you to get out of your comfort zone travel deeper and further to find the true essence of travel.

So now why do you travel? Please share with me, I would love to know.

Feature picture credit to Evan Dennis from Unsplash

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