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Where to Travel in 2018 ? My Top 5 Destinations.

Top 5 Travel Destinations in 2018

I have researched the Top 5 Travel Destinations in 2018 and this is what I found.

A new year has started  inspired with new ideas, new goals, new hopes and dreams and of course new travel goals. We scratch our heads, we pick up latest edition on Lonely Planet Books, we research on line. 


 Georgia -Located within the Caucasian mountains boasting with natural beauty is a photographer’s dream to capture a country slowly emerging into tourism with photogenic local markets and  quaint villages . Villages as Tbilisi, Batumi or Borjomi known for their local cuisine and traditional ways of being. No influence from the modern world, which in my opinion is well worth a visit to see and understand how some cultures hold on to these tradition so dear to their hearts. For the adventurous traveller who takes the road less travelled, Georgia is worth a visit.

Tbilisi Georgia
Tbilisi, Georgia picture by jaanus-jagomagi Unsplash


Chile – I have had my eye on Chile for a while now  not only for their vineyards and great wine but this small country has a lot to offer .

Chile is known for Torres del Paine National Park in the Patagonia region in the South  with their  majestic mountains and icebergs coloured in blue. But then, just North  you can visit the Atacama dessert a 41000 square miles of dessert terrain known to be the world’s dryest. From the Rainbow Valley to salt lagoons , it can become quite difficult to decide travelling north or south in Chile.

If you have the luxury of time and can travel to both North and South, clap clap to you. Which ever area you chose Chile is a fascinating country a must visit and top bucket list.


Valparaiso , Chile
Valparaiso , Chile picture by loic-mermilliod “Unsplash”


TurkeyTurkey has gone through a recent rough time , trying to recover it back on the tourism map. I say let’s give Turkey another chance as it is an awesome country to visit. A country rich of history , exotic  and charming Turkey deserves to get back on tourism.

Cappodocia Turkey
Cappodocia Turkey picture by mahir-uysal “unsplash”


Malta -Everyone is buzzing about Valletta in Malta.   Valletta is described as  an open air museum filled with history and Baroque Architecture. Home to Grand Master’s Palace , National Archeology Museum or City Gate no wonder it is filled with  history  to fulfill any history buff.

And for the ones who love food? Yes, they say  Malta’s cuisine is mouth watering and to die for.

Valletta, Malta
Valletta, Malta picture by reuben-farrugia “Unsplash”



A paradise to lovers, an awkward travel destinations for solos. Let’s face it , Maldives is a great honeymoon get away, just look at the way the water villas  are built and designed. Nothing screams solo, everything screams couple.It is a country that boasts 1000 islands, clear water and sunshine. Male, the main city has restaurants and animated outdoor markets but the desire is to stay on the islands. Flying by water plane can be very expensive ,try to book from your hotel for a lower cost.

Personally I would not say no to the Maldives but it is better suited for couples than singles. 


 Photo credit ishan-seefromthesky by Unsplash
Maldives for Lovers- Photo credit ishan-seefromthesky by Unsplash


There you go , here are  my picks of travel destinations for 2018. Happy travels everyone!


Featured picture credit by Steven-Coffey by Unsplash 

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