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What are Montreal Winters Like ?

Hello Everyone

Before I discuss how we enjoy winter in Montreal , let me tell you the following. 

I imagine everyone has been hearing  the sound of crickets due to my MIA, yes missing in action; but I am still here.

As everyone has a different story to tell , it is all about how we are all adapting to  changes & making space to what is almost 1 year of pandemic. Can you believe it is 1 year ? 

One year ago when we thought it would end in a couple of weeks or months , we are still here. This has been especially hard on everyone & we all have a story to tell. 

The most important lesson to this craziness ,is the art of being mindful and really living in the present moment. Because really, this is what we have. There is no future and the past is just gone. It did really feel like we lost our freedom but in a way we are still all fortunate we still have it. 

We still  get up and do our lives. We all have an abundance of food & toilet paper (haha ) and talk with friends or family.

It was just different; we are not in jail. 

Therefore, I took advantage of this newfound freedom and decided to enjoy my city Montreal in the winter. I know everyone on social media is talking about how we are all enjoying our city blah blah blah , but maybe this is what we all needed to do. Instead of using travel as an escape or urgency on our innate fear of missing out (FOMO) let us all slow  down and enjoy the present moment . Practice the art of slow travel. 

Montreal Winter Activities

So , this is what I did. I went to one of my favourite parks , not on any Lonely Planet or Fromm’s books called Parc de la Visitation situated in the North End of the city. It is  accessible by public transportation & very easy to get there.

Winter in montreal

The park offers you cross country skiing ( easy trail ) , snowshoeing, sledding  or you can just  go hiking. Book in advance online only because outdoor enthusiasts  are all flocking away from their homes to enjoy this frosty season. There is also an outdoor parking lot .

Non Sporty ?

You don’t like winter activities ? No problem, the scenery is peaceful and picturesque. A white blanket of snow is painted over the lakes ,a dream for photographers . Sounds of  hungry birds flying  atop  your hand is a delight to capture and squirrels searching for their hidden peanuts.

You don't like winter activities ? No problem, the scenery is peaceful and picturesque. A white blanket of snow is painted over the lakes ,a dream for photographers
Lovers in the Park

Winter in montreal

Winter in montreal

And if all else fails, why not try building a snowman. I have never seen so many in different shapes, sizes or artistic inspirations. You see, this is the mindfulness I was talking about. ” When life gives you  lemons, make lemonade ”  Mindfulness encourages optimism , positive attitude & the art of being creative; fundamental traits to survive in this world. 🙂 

snowmen in montreal
snowmen in montreal
snowmen in montreal
snowmen in montreal

I have always said it but for those courageous non Canadian souls out there, you should visit Montreal in the winter. It can be cold and windy but this is how you can see how we the great North really live & survive our harsh winters. 

There are many activities & things to do in the winter . I just chose 1 park to tell my story but we have many beautiful parks around the city to discover each offering something beautiful.

The best part of our winter season is the hearty food we eat to fatten up so we can survive it , lol. Oh and our tasty hot chocolates to warm us up. 

winter  in Montreal
Photo credit by Unsplash

So the big question I ask you now, have I convinced you enough to visit Montreal in the winter? Share your answers .

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