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Are You a True Explorer?


Would we still have an innate desire to explore this planet if marketing of tourism did not exist ? Think about it! Many times our behaviour is driven by what society implies what is right or wrong or what we should or should not do. How many people really consider themselves as a true explorer or are really curious in seeing the world? 


Do you pay attention to nature, animals, customs, food, way of life or as far as the mysterious  hidden tribes that still exist in the world? Does ones really care or perhaps your travel is only about  sun, beach and a Pina colada in your hands?

Sacred Geometry in Nature
Sacred Geometry in Nature



My definition of explorer is someone with a deep curiosity of life, the planet or anything associated to it  and seeks to make sense of this. For some reason if we can explore it, we can seek answers, but only the wise can see the connection.

We live in a beautiful planet, with lots to see, learn, feel and teach. I think we travel or explore to  understand this mysterious world we live in, whether it is the scared geometry of a flower or plant or the connection we have to mankind, nature or animals.

Connection to Nature
Connection to Nature


We seek a connection so we can grow as human beings; we become  kind and compassionate through our vision of humanity around the world.

Connection to People Around the World
Connection to People Around the World

Curiosity is the main ingredient of my definition of an explorer, without this it just becomes a vacation  with a Pina Colada in your hands ! A marketed version of travel ! 

So share your answers, think about why do you really travel? What do you gain from it? What are you really looking for ? 

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