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The Beauty of Travelling to Tuscany

So you want to travel  to Tuscany .

    Tuscany travel is about exploring Florence, Siena, Montepulciano, Renaissance Art, Chianti wines, Ponte Vecchio, but  how do I describe this rich  Italian region without missing any pertinent information?  The complexity of the birth of renaissance or  the variety of Tuscan wines can bring my writing to a collection of encyclopedia  editions ( do they still exist ?) , needless to say I will keep it brief yet beautifully described.


Renaissance Art
Florence Tuscany

Nestled in the Apennines peninsula,   Florence is famous to be  the cradle of Renaissance, a time of rebirth and changes during the 14th century. However, let’s face it,  the fascination and curiosity of Tuscany lies in the delight of Tuscan authentic  cuisine accompanied with the flavor of a delicate  Chianti wine . You can buy these wines in numerous small or large vineyards across  Tuscany. Click on the links to get the details.

 A stride in the country side amidst  the feathery tall  Cypress trees and rolling hills surrounded by sights and smells  makes this a somewhat,  iconic  moment. Pinch me , is this for real moment.  Priceless yet how beautiful you are !

The history of the renaissance ?  Yes it’s  great but reading will be back home. Sorry history buffs.

I took a full day tour and discovered the main cities, Siena, San Gimignano, Montepulciano and of course Florence.  Cobble stone streets, picturesque alleys . You can see the  casual elegance in the small town, effortless elegance in Florence . All charming and beautiful each with their distinctive characteristics.


The Beauty of Tuscany

There are no words to describe something so beautiful, sometimes you just have to feel it, see it and capture the moment. Sometimes expressing it through photography can be easier.

Ponte Vecchio
Florence Tuscany



Montepulciano- Medival Hilltown


Vineyard in Tuscany

  This certainly is a   destination you should  discover . It is known for their great cuisine, olive oils and yes, beans, beans and more beans! I say don’t just take my word for it, just go!!!

S Milano




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