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Travelling Solo

Who are you going with ?

As a solo traveller, this must be the most dreaded question.

We may be considered weird, lonesome or estranged but the truth is travelling solo is motivated by the thrill of adventure seeking the  unknown exploring with  a free and brave heart .

Travelling  solo to a new country acknowledges the fact how little we know of a country before we have actually visited it.I have learnt the media plays a ginormous role in this. It manipulates us to believe what they want without having factual evidence. 

Instead, before I leave, I do a lot of research of where I am heading to. I create my own views and opinions on the country, not the media’s version. My street smart wits and my sharpened instinct, help me navigate freely. I fine tune my” blending in as a local”  trick instead of a lost tourist.

I created this section on travelling solo to help and inspire anyone to go out there and explore. Yes, you cannot wait around for anyone, just go out and do it. You will feel a sense of freedom and joy. There is nothing like discovering a place , taking in all the surrounding , sights, sounds and city vibes.

Share your stories I would love to hear and share them here. Contact me with your story, tips, advice and inspiration to encourage others.For example my story on Iceland.

So for now, go out there , explore, discover , be curious on  what this big beautiful world has to offer.



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