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Pardon my “Engleesh “- What if You Don’t Speak Their Language ?

Excuse me, do you speak English?

I am often asked how I get around  in a country I don’t speak the foreign language. Prevent this fear to take control from travelling.  Turn this stress in a delightful , learning experience. You can leave an imprint from this experience even if you fear foreign languages .

English , The Universal  Language of Travel

Yes it is and we are fortunate to have the base to communicate in a foreign country. I have always used it and the majority of the time , it helps a lot; if not have fun with the locals trying to find creative ways to communicate.  Most of the time, locals will be kind enough to try to understand what I am trying to say. Connecting with locals and their cultures is a learning   yet  unforeseen  experience. Sharing a laugh can be a memorable part of your trip. You will see the kindness and simplicity  of people.


speak the language , foreign language
Hello in different languages

Learn the Main Phrases Of the Language 

Yup, there ‘s an App for that!  Before I leave to any destination, I research, research & research. I really prepare myself learning a foreign language before I reach my destination.  Learning the basics will be very useful during your travels .I like to use google translate , it is fast and easy to use. You can download the app without using internet, you can use it offline anytime , anywhere.

The Power of Hand Gestures 

This must be the most fun and  most creative way to communicate.  Be respectful of local cultures to not offend anyone but the power of gestures can do well most of the time. I like to see this as an art of communicating. Don’t worry if you think you look silly , we  Italians do this all the time. This is the beauty of travelling, the interaction of cultures where you can learn , respect and become aware of a different way of living.

Don’t see this as fear ,see it as a learning experience, in my experience, most people are kind and will help with an open heart and mind. My next destination is Norway and Sweden, 2 countries that are very fluent in English. 

I will still learn a couple of phrases, I am  still in a foreign country and ‘when in Rome do like the Romans” 


Happy travels everyone.





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  1. I completely believe in learning the language of whatever country you’re in, but it’s not always realistic, is it? (sigh) When we were in Costa Rica, with very little Spanish, I got really creative with the vocab I did have (and some awesome pantomiming) to converse with a family we stayed with. It was actually pretty cool when we did finally “click” and figure out what the other person was saying.

    1. Thanks Rachelle sharing your story. I love hearing stories on travel and how we experience situations, that is the beauty of travel . Cheers 🙂

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