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Science has proven , that travelling stimulates your creativity. I don’t have  scientific evidence , I have however felt some deep inspiration through my travels, enough so heading home with excitement to start another project was chapter 2 of the adventure.


This creativity comes either through an idea, writing or my paintings. Fashion designers , writers or entrepreneurs have always felt this creative pull through international travels. 

New sights, new sounds, new people, new food ,new everything just stimulates the mind , it brings it to life . It is like it is breathing again; the brain is just wired this way, we are meant to move, wander and explore.

To me , my best work of art have been  when  connecting with people I met or spoken to. I immerse myself with the  locals, speak to them and respect their culture, language or diversity. Meeting people during my travels is a highlight of travelling. Fear or staying within a comfort zone blocks our creativity.

Discovering a new country and all the benefits that come with it, leaves a cultural imprint in your soul . It is through this “stamp” we are able to create beautiful things. 

My Creativity 

These work of arts I created was when I use to travel to Milan or NYC for fashion in the streets. Inspired through the glamour of fashion icons and pop art.

Marilyn Monroe Pop Art
Marilyn Monroe Pop Art
Street Fashion - Marilyn Monroe
Street Fashion – Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe - "You Bore Me"
Marilyn Monroe – “You Bore Me”

The direction of my travels and photography  has changed throughout time and will continue to change.  I know I will always feel inspired through travel to create , who knows what the outcome will be though.

All my art is for sale therefore if you have an interest please contact me.

So go out there to wander, explore and discover. We are not meant to be in one spot, we are meant to travel and be creative.









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