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Top 5 Free Things to do in Any City

Free Things to Do 

Let’s be honest, travelling  can get expensive ; but with some imagination and  a little frugal attitude, you can still find free things to do  in ways to enjoy the city without breaking the bank. Please remember tourism boards promote tours, sights or restaurant because of an agreement they have. It does  not mean they are better or you will miss out.

Travelling is about what you get out from the city, personally I find the best way, is to  live like a local. It does not mean the tours are bad, just use your imagination how you can learn about the culture, its people, the food, if you want to save some money from expensive tours.

Open Art Galleries

Art is not only a form of self-expression of the artist but a reflection of the society they live in. What better way to feel and see the essence of a country through the life  and eyes of a local artist. There is truth and purity. While observing the art, learn what the artist is revealing about the society and times. Is there hardship? Do you feel a  sense of community ? Is  security or structure  a dominant factor ? 

Hold firmly what you feel in your heart and observe day to day lives of its people in the streets, markets, parks or restaurants. You will feel the essence and soul of the country. If you like people photography, your pictures will show what you learnt, it doesn’t lie.


Art Galleries
Art is not only a form of self-expression of the artist but a reflection of the society they live in picture by Francisca Montes by Unsplash


Local markets depicts the real lives of locals in any country I have been to. It is usually  their traditional way of life, where you see traditional foods, locals  chatting up with friends and the vibrancy of the city. The people are unpretentious and it’s a great way to connect with them. All depending on the culture, some markets I have seen can be chaotic, vibrant or colourful in sights ,sounds and smell.

I love markets to capture the essence of the city I travel to. I especially  love food and going back home I always try to concoct a local dish to share with my  friends.

Make sure you visit local markets it truly reveals the dynamics  and spirit of any culture.



Not only are local festivals great for photography, here is your chance to really enjoy traditions, customs and life of its people.  I  have seen and been in the middle of festivals by mere coincidence , I had not planned it. Whether traditional or religious festivals ,they truly will teach you about their  culture, dance, artistic expression or religious beliefs.

Though they are fun, be careful being in a large crowd where pickpockets are at  the most active.

local festivals great for photography



Sometimes  we all want to get  away from the bustle andd hustles of city life and just surround ourselves amidst the greenery. No noise, children playing, dogs running is all a different aspect of life in the city. A walk in the playground brings back feeling of childhood and it really is a great way to recharge your batteries as we all know travelling can sometimes  be stressful.


A walk in the playground



Personal Walking Tours 

Create your own walking tour. Pick up a guide book or get information on line on walking areas of a city. You would be surprised what you learn and see when you are on your own and not guided. But  please no walking tours at night in dark alleys,or secluded streets  this is a big no no to avoid as a solo traveller. Best of all just go out there enjoy everything around you.





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