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Top 3 Safest Countries I Visited

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest , they are going bananas with the following question ; I keep seeing this subject over and over that I decided to write about my top 3 safest countries. ” I want to travel solo , where should I go” ! Well, you are at the right place!

If you want to start your solo travel journey, it is best to start with a really really safe country. As you may still not have the tools and confidence to go solo, safety is your biggest concern, I understand that ! Therefore, I recommend to either start a mini weekend get away or travel solo to my top 3 travel destinations.


In a country that have more sheep than people, why would you not feel safe in Iceland? In a country where I have witnessed a baby carriage outside coffee shops , yes with baby in carriage , why would you not feel safe!

Reykjavik, Iceland - baby in carriage outside!
Reykjavik, Iceland – baby in carriage outside!

Iceland a country of dramatic natural phenomena ,from waterfalls, volcanoes to the black beach is one of my top safest country to visit as a solo traveller. It has been my baby since I had visited it. I loved the nature and everything I discovered about that country. The trolls too !

Reykjavik Iceland-Expect anything zany !
Reykjavik Iceland-Expect anything zany !

I must say the only danger is the unpredictable natural hazards that can happen in Iceland. When I was in Iceland ,nothing tragic happened, except the unexpected snowfall when I arrived. But I am from Canada so I am used to snow and cold.

I am from a big city so I have the natural instinct to be alert and suspicious on over friendliness or secluded areas.

I will tell you a little secret.

My Little Secret

One day in Reykjavik, I decided to go to a mall. The Kringlan Mall was about a 15 minute walking distance from my hotel . I did not particular mind the walk; it was how isolated the streets were going there. Ok, so believe it or not, this is what I did , because I got scared. Are you ready ?

After walking about 5 minutes I turned back to hotel ! I asked reception if it is really safe because the streets looked isolated. This was an afternoon day.

I got a friendly non critical laugh and she said ” Iceland is such a safe country , please, go back to go where you wanted to go ” ( I blushed )

Secretly blushing filled with embarrassment, I went back to my route. Folks, nothing happened obviously!

Iceland, as any Scandinavian country is not exactly cheap but it is so worth the visit. As a solo beginner traveller, I would definitely recommend Iceland, that is is you like a mix of weather and not just hot Caribbean weather ! First country in Europe I did not see any gypsy trying to scam money from you.

As a first time solo traveller, Iceland is a great place to start!


Indeed, Portugal is a safe place to visit with some precautions. When I visited Lisbon, people were genuinely friendly and trusting. Once you know how to navigate around the city, honestly there is nothing to be afraid of. Since it is still in Europe I would just still keep an open eye on pick pockets or those annoying gypsies . Locals are always inviting and welcoming.

Pretty streets in Lisbon , Portugal
Pretty streets in Lisbon , Portugal

The streets in Lisbon are clean and clear of graffiti somewhat cleanliness reflects safety of a city. If you are more for Mediterranean , Portugal is a great country to build you confidence as a solo traveller. As an added bonus the looks of the handsome Portuguese yet harmless men will give you enough confidence for a lifetime 🙂

Australia – My Love

Oh Australia, the land down under! A country that was such a mystery left a love in my heart. A country full of natural beauty from the turquoise beaches, natural rock formation to the dessert and the wonderful wildlife.

Natural Beauty in the Australian Outback
Natural Beauty in the Australian Outback

Crime is so low in Australia that jails are hardly full. How is this even possible I question?

Indeed Australia is a safe country; crime rate is very low but as in every country, observe same precaution with your personal belongings.

During a tour to the Blue Mountains in Australia, I was told that crime is low but it is the wildlife you must be careful with. From crocodiles to the python or stingrays these are the deadliest animals in Australia ; and they can kill you instantly!

Australia's Deadliest , The Crocodile
Australia’s Deadliest , The Crocodile

Do not fret, they will not just pop up of nowhere, there are safety signs where you must exercise caution. Of course you must respect and obey these signs.

In Australia everyone has a story on these deadly creatures, hardly any crime stories. The storytellers are proud of their great animal stories, we all listened with our eyes wide open and dropping jaw.

When I had arrived in Sydney , I felt safe. Sydney Australia is a great place to start your solo travels.The city is vibrant and alive and locals are super friendly nothing suspicious .

Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House

Don’t let the long distance stop you. I have written a post how to survive long flights. If I can do it , so can you.

Do you have a solo travel destination you would recommend? Do you have a great solo travel story you would love to share? I would love to hear.

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