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Mount Fuji- Visit Tokyo
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5 Places to Visit in Tokyo

Visit Tokyo in October

Best times to visit Tokyo Japan is either in the Spring or what I love , the Autumn . I will show you the best places to visit Tokyo during the Fall. Tokyo in October is beautiful with the colourful Fall foliage and its less crowds.

I was in Tokyo for a total of 6 nights and I will be completely honest, it was NOT enough. Tokyo is huge and there is a lot to see and do. Before you visit Tokyo, make yourself a plan because it is very easy to get sidetracked. Tokyo is like NYC but 10x more.

Visit Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukkiji fish market is Tokyo’s biggest market ; but don’t let the name fool you . Although it is known for their tuna auction, walking around this market will give you many choices of food to try. If you are a foodie, you will love this place. This is the time you can try the different types of skewers from chicken to seafood for as low as 100-200 yen dollars.

Tsukkiji fish market is a great place for photography and see how truly locals live and it’s free ! So many different types of foods, I have never seen.

Tsukiji Fish Market- Visit Tokyo
Young Chef cooking passionately
Tsukiji Fish Market-Visit Tokyo
Japan had food I never seen
Tsukiji Fish Market-Visit Tokyo
Japan’s food is of highest quality in freshness and cleanliness

Mount Fuji & Hakone Tour

What is Tokyo sightseeing without visiting Mount Fuji , right ? I completely agree however for some strange reason the weather was really bad ascending to 2300 meters that I did not see much unfortunately .

It was cold and very windy and was so uncomfortable staying outside. If you are sightseeing in Tokyo I highly recommend visiting Mount Fuji, I took a tour but you can also take the train.

Mount Fuji- Visit Tokyo
If you go by train and visit on your own , you can get this picture! Photo credit ifan-nuriyana-tdkafI3PLOM-unsplash


Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time but I would definitely add visiting Nikko . Nikko is most famous for the Toshogu , Japan’s most decorated shrine and mausoleum. It is the centre of Shinto Buddhism , beautiful waterfalls or hot springs.

After my great experience in Mt Koyasan I would definitely try to add Nikko in my Tokyo itinerary.

Asakusa, Tokyo

 I have previously written about visiting Asakusa in Tokyo. This is where you will see Tokyo’s oldest Buddhist temple Senso-JI. Not only see it but experience the history and cultural aspect of this place.

It may seem like a tourist trap with the endless crowds but really look beyond that and understand the spiritual side to Japanese culture. Start at the entrance of the gates and to the second gate. There are also many shops and cafes to visit and this beautiful garden not to be missed.

At the purification fountain
Purification , is a very important step for prayer or before entering a temple, called chozu

Sightseeing in Tokyo’s Subways

Before leaving to Japan I was so worried taking the subway in Tokyo for all the chaos or confusion I imagined it to be. Well, it is true, it really is a frantic ,cacophony of a place where everyone is going left , right, up or down. Everyone seems like they know where they are going, except ME!

Well it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. The Japanese overall are helpful people who wants only to serve you, so with a little patience you ask some questions and hope for the best once you hop on the train.

Taking the subway a couple of times , you start to see and understand the psychology behind riding the trains . Tokyo is a nation of workaholics , whose lives and meaning of life is with work, unfortunately . Japan has one of the longest hours of work in the world!

Riding the trains, it is important to respect the silence therefore no ringer on cell phone, no loud or obnoxious conversation or eating & drinking. The trains are used for quiet time, a place to have some solace or peace of mind.

But mainly, a place to sleep. I discreetly took these pictures of the lives and times of the Japanese going to and coming back from work, truly a nation of workaholics.

Japanese on Trains -Visit Tokyo
People in Tokyo use the trains to disconnect from the outside world

Riding the trains is probably in no travel guide to Tokyo but I really recommend it to understand their work ethics & cultures.

Tokyo is huge & there is a lot to see and do. Make a plan so you do not waste time and miss out. Overall, Tokyo is a great city full of life from the craziest to the traditional.

Featured photo credit to ifan-nuriyana-tdkafI3PLOM-unsplash.jpg

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