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Nudey Beach

Things to do in Sunny Cairns Queensland

Cairns located in the Northeast of Australia, has the most stunning,  sunny turquoise beaches, pristine landscape and gateway to the Great Barrier Reef as well the Daintree Rain Forest.

I chose to stay in Cairns , 3 nights. One full day for the Daintree Rainforest & 2nd the Great Barrier Reef. I am not a swimmer nor a diver so I was more  excited for the Rainforest.

Daintree Rainforest

Cairns is a very touristy city so there are many tourist traps to be aware of. You will notice the friendly Austalian turning into a crafty salesman or overpriced attractions you can do without.

Great Barrier Reef

We all know the Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral system of the world and unfortunately it is damaged. Add over tourism on top of that,  we are hurting the Reef even more. I think only if you are a professional diver for research , you should be allowed to dive. Everything else the Australians try to sell you should be avoided.

I am one to admit I really wanted to see the beauty of the Reef. I am  not a diver nor a good swimmer so that eliminates that activity. They try to sell you anything to get up close to the reef but it is not worth it, keep your money.    I think in order to understand and see the reef it is best to visit an educational center on the Great Barrier Reef. This way we can all  educate ourselves and contribute how we can all save the reef.


Daintree RainForest

Daintree Rainforest  , is Australia’s largest & oldest  rainforest, off the northeast coast of Queensland. I enjoyed this  tour as I did not feel it to be too touristy.  With your experienced &  knowledgeable guide, you walk through the forest where you learn about the different  fauna and flora  with  possible sighting of  unpredicatable wildlife.

Be observant but do not touch any reptiles, wildlife or trees as they can be very dangerous. The forest is made up of green ant that taste like lemon, I did’nt try but I saw it, green eye tree frog , cassowary  or jungle carpet pyton. Yes they are all here so keep your eyes open.

cassowary in rainforest
cassowary in rainforest


Bush Turkey


They will explain to you why  the Daintreee Rainforest  is part of the World Heritage site. I was astounded what I  learnt and saw on this tour. This is one tour in Queensland that did not feel to  me the greed of money in tourism .


Fitzroy Island

Fitzroy Island is a pristine untouch beauty with turquoise clean and safe beaches. It is where you can “see ” the great barrier reef.

It is 45 minutes from Cairns and you take a ferry boat to get to the island. On the ferry boat be aware of the crafty salemen to sell you anything in regards to the Reef. They pitch and market it so beautifully to have even the worse swimmer dive in.  Politely ignore them on the ferry boats.

Nudey Beach
Nudey Beach

Once you arrive on the island , you can’t help but be in awe with the surrounding  natural beauty.  Fitzroy is covered in a rainforest and walking to Nudey Beach can be quite challenging. You must walk through this forest full of hills and climbing over rocks, it makes it all very worth it at Nudey Beach. You have to have a certain amount of endurance to get there.


Nudey Beach

Keep your eyes open to the fauna, huge spiders and the colourful birds and butterflies.

Before you get to Nudey Beach try to change to your bathing suit at Fitzroy Island, on Nudey Beach there are no cabins to change.

I am not particulary a beach person but I especially enjoyed my stay at the beach, a well deserved relaxed time when my travel to Australia was coming to an end.


This is what I chose to do once I arrived in Cairns. There are many more you can choose from but for the sake of over tourism let’s all be aware the impact we can do on the environment.






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