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Entrance at Tank Stream Hotel

The Tank Stream Hotel in Sydney Australia

Be Central , Be Sydney- Tank Stream Hotel

As a solo traveller, there are certain things that matter to me when it comes to accommodation. The location is one of my main motive choosing a hotel . I like to be centrally located with lots of shops , restaurants, attractions ,a vibrant scene  with interesting people.

Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House

When I venture out in the world,  I like to mingle with the locals  to learn cultural differences , perhaps know about  the best coffee house or  learn a  piece of history only the locals know. It makes  my stay a unique experience.

Cleansiness  & feeling safe , especially travelling solo,  tops the same ranking as location.  Add  a yummy breakfast  and it becomes a  definite perk . Tank Stream Hotel has provided all this for me.

As in any service industry , a hotel serves  to be polite, available and helpful. The occasional , how may I help you or thank you or have a good day , are standard procedures in every hotel I have been too.

Tank Stream Hotel

Yet , Tank Stream Hotel in Sydney Australia  is different;  a new hidden gem pushing its way  on the front stage.  Tank Stream Hotel not only  has a memorable name that grabs you like a hook but  a personal service that becomes an added bonus.

I was very  happy to hear and be part of a hotel that embraces  solo travellers ; defined as  either a single person or more  recently ,  spouses wanting to venture out without their  better half.

Urban & Chic Reception at Tank Stream Hotel
Urban & Chic Reception at Tank Stream Hotel
Hotel's Restaurant Le Petit Flot
Hotel’s Restaurant Le Petit Flot
Breakfast Room
Breakfast Room

Solo Travel

So , finally a hotel that welcomes solo travellers  but most  importantly,  pays attention to us . Tank Stream Hotel clearly understands this is a new trend in the travel industry, finally someone is listening to us.

This attention  is why the service is so personal , it is not the standard hotel ‘hello how may I help you  Mrs. MIlano ?” but a  warm invitation to a safe  and welcoming   place I felt was my home. The whole staff  truly were looking out for me & this as a solo traveller is  uniquely special , unlike any other hotels I have been to.

Tank Stream Hotel in Sydney Australia is centrally located  so it is very easy to navigate around the city;  stay central , it is always easier. It is walking distance  to the  main tourist attractions , Sydney Opera House, The Rocks ,The Harbour , restaurants and shops .


One of Tank Stream Hotel‘s charm is enhanced by its location in a very historical area of Sydney. It sits directly on top of an  important piece of history  on  the  first water supply in Sydney.

In 1788 Captain Arthur Philip sailed into the Harbour  searching for a settlement  site. What he had found was water flowing from the Sydney Harbour.Here is the beginning of a new colony that was established the, new European Australia. It has been said that this Tank Stream was main source of water  and food for the Gadigal people , group of indigenous Australians. Signs of the life of the Gadipal people had been uncovered around the tank.

To  get a better understanding on the this important  history, there is a Tank Stream Heritage Walk you must  take.There are 6 Footpath installations  built  from Alfred St to Park St to follow. 6 separates sites are installed on the city’s sidewalk to understand  the history of the Tank Stream . Ask front desk at the hotel for assistance.

Chic and Urban

Tank Stream Hotel is a chic & urban hotel that has a modern yet minimalistic  design that emulates a contemporary and open lifestyle.  The room was comfortable, clean and I had the perfect view of downtown Sydney on the 13th floor. What more can a girl ask for.

This  boutique style hotel that sits on a very historical  part of the city will  & has started  a new history  on their own.They are the first and only one  embracing and accommodating to  solo travellers . A trend that is shaping the travel industry and Tank Stream Hotel are the pioneers.

I enjoyed my stay at the Tank Stream Hotel because it felt like home. The staff were all so courteous, polite and helpful.A big thank you to to Mr Peter Hook, Mr Klaus Kinateder, front desk Katia and Fatih Atilgan you have all exceeded my expectations.

Although I was hosted by the hotel, all opinions are honestly all my own. There are some affiliated links on this post, so if you click on it I may get a small commission but not cost you anything. Thank you supporting my blog.

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