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“The Last Tourist” the Hidden Truth Behind Travel

Hoorah! Covid is “over” and it’s time to travel again. The moment we have all been waiting for ! Two years of Covid finally passed ; have we had the time to reshape & rethink the way we travel ? Has the pandemic given you the opportunity to change or at least become aware of this destructive mass tourism industry ?

There is no doubt that travel brings a range of emotions and experiences . I love to show you my experiences on where I have been , nice hotel stays or my photography. However it is also my duty as a responsible traveller to inform the ugly truth on over tourism and the exploitation ; let’s aim to travel responsibly & how we can all help with a positive impact.

It’s all in this new documentary The Last Tourist released in Canada and US.

Sustainable Travel -What is it ?

You hear of luxurious travel, budget travel, family travel , women travel & solo travel but do you ever hear of sustainable travel on any social platform or from a travel brochure?

Travel is marketed in the most glamorous way all for the greed of money ; to visit the same monument, to visit that most beautiful beach , to use silly forms of entertainment that impacts communities or the worse , animal selfies. All of this has a negative impact on the environment; overcrowding, polluted beaches , plastic in the oceans or the distorted form of entertainment, using& exploiting wildlife!

Sustainable travel or green travel aims to reduce the negative impact of tourism yet increasing the benefits. In other words, let’s be aware on what is going on and let’s all be part of the solution.

I recently watched The Last Tourist , a documentary about the devastating ways over tourism is impacting the environment, animal welfare or local communities and this needs to stop . We can all make necessary changes by becoming at least aware & better informed .

First, I would recommend you watch this documentary The Last Tourist which features travel visionaries like Jane Goodall & G Adventure founder Bruce Poon Tip . If you have an IG account you can also inform yourself with their account @thelasttouristfilm.

There are many ways one can start to become educated and change the negative ways of travelling.Be aware to make small changes to lead to a more positive and enriching travel experience. The more you educate yourself the more caring you become.

Ways to Help

  1. Get off the beaten path : go where most people don’t go.
  2. Book your tours with a sustainable tour company that promote a positive impact, like G Adventures who has also found Planterra Foundation
  3. Take the bus or train if possible
  4. Be respectful of local culture
  5. Bring your own water bottle
  6. Support local communities, shop local.
  7. Respect wildlife
  8. Travel slow for a more quality travel experience
  9. Be a traveller not a tourist , ask questions put value in your travels
  10. Respect the environment

I really enjoyed this documentary, it has helped me adopt a more responsible mindset & how we can all contribute to the positive impact on travelling instead of keeping a blind eye and just following the crowds.

So now, how are you going to take action and leave a positive footprint ? Leave in comments 🙂

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