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Surviving Canadian Winters

Canadian Winters

Travelling to Canada is safe . Travelling to Canada during the winters, is still safe but oh  so  challenging surviving canadian winter.

As temperatures are plummeting way below 0c, foreigners  can only  categorize us  as a  Polar or Artic country to either fear it or brave it. I say be courageous, be brave, you will  survive . Come  visit Montreal in the winter, where this week it will drop to -31c !

I think travelling to Canada in the winter really shows how we are as a nation,shows our true colours.

When travelling abroad, I get asked many times how we survive as the  weather dips . Although I answer their questions , I don’t think they can fathom how we actually survive the cold, fleet , snow and harsh winds.

We Canadians,   just  know how to do it and make the best of it. From December to March Montreal has a plethora of winter activities to brighten up the city and our lives in a kind of  gloomy and dark climate  . I will post about these events so just follow me.

 Winter Accessories 

Sorel or Pajar ? Canadian’s biggest question of the season. Good quality warm boots are the essential and most important item to purchase , these are expensive but its our survival kit. Made in Canada sign is what to look for when purchasing boots. For once Made in Canada outbeats  the prestigious Made in Italy logo.

The essential  accessories like hats, scarves, mittens and warm preferably wool socks to protect your from the cold is a good surviving tip for our winters. You may look like a little fatty with all the layers but it is to protect yourself. It can be quite hard and uncomfortable getting in the metros but we have learnt the fine art of stripping some layers for comfortable ride on metros. Thumbs up Canada , eh!


Surviving Canadian Winters
Winter Wonderland


Winter Sports

This one is my favourite because I think to enjoy the winters here we must be active in winter sports. Cross-country skiing, down hill skiing, skating or tubing are some of the most popular ones . These activities are not only within city’s reach like Mont-Royal Parc but outside the city of Montreal. Mont Tremblant is one of everyone’s favourite. More activities, a little pricier but with amazing sceneries of  snow filled trees atop a white sheet mountain. You may also encounter a deer or 2.




Survivng canadian winters
Old Montreal in the Winter


surviving canadian winters
Having fun cross country skiing


Winter  Comfort Foods 

Ok sorry,  this one is my favourite. Good comfort foods like hearty casseroles or a dish of  warm pasta et fagioli is essential to stack up some layers of fat to survive our harsh winters.  Don’t worry about the extra pounds , with the winter sports we can easily burn it off.

As temperature drops, starchy food like potatoes and pasta become your best friend.


Creative Ways to Survive 


Surviving canadian winters requires creative ways to make it work for yourself.   Cozying up in a warm home near a fireplace reading a good book , having hot chocolate with a loved one is not a bad idea to spend a cold day. Photographing the white covered city with your camera allows your creativity to flow and perception of winter changes.

Watching children and dogs play in the snow is a reminder of the importance of how  play outweighs the fear of the  cold. Build a snowman, angel wings in the snow or hug a snowman.

I say bring the child out of you and just have fun regardless of the cold, snow or wind. Ok I have to be honest, I can’t tolerate the slush. It’s dirty, yucky and just does not make any city look as pretty as it should.


What do you do to enjoy winter ? Share your answers.

Surviving canadian winter
Having fun in the Winter
Surviving Canadian Winters
Winter Photography

Stay warm Montreal!











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