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Hotels Sweden

Ice Bar Stockholm by Ice Hotel

A Canadian at an Ice Hotel 

Why in the world would a Canadian , coming from a cold country possibly find pleasure going to Stockholm’s Ice Bar?  Is it  my  curiosity seeking the unknown?  Is  it that daring adventurous  element I have ?  Not a dare ,but it’s the unique experience.

When you are in Stockholm, make sure you stop at Stockholm Tourist Centre.  Situated in the city centre near the central station. They have been so helpful giving me advice, tips or places not to miss.  Ideally if you purchase a Stockholm pass you really can benefit from what this elegant city has to offer.


This is how I stumbled upon Icebar by IceHotel Stockholm. Inspired by  Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi, Lapland it is Stockholm’s first Ice bar where everything is made from ice.  Your glass, the seats, the decor , the bar and the floor as well. The room temperature is at -7 c  and you get a drink with your entrance fee. The visit lasts 40 minutes, if you can last that long in the cold.

IceBar by IceHotel Stockholm
IceBar by IceHotel Stockholm

I shamefully left within 20 minutes, as a Canadian growing up in our harsh winters, I  walked out after 20 minutes , hence I also dropped my ice glass .

Our Ice Glasses
IceBar by IceHotel Stockholm
The Ice Bar where they serve drinks
IceBar by IceHotel Stockholm

The Arctic Experience

Kidding aside, it really is the experience.  They  provide you  with a large thermal  warm coat and gloves  preparing you to enter the interior, an art room where everything is sculpted. It is not a large room but comfortable enough to enjoy the space and sit on ice stools.This is where the coat becomes useful.

Stockholm created a magical arctic experience, it was a” freezing” fun thing to do. A unique and “cool” experience.

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