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Spa Scandinave Montreal

Spa Scandinave Montreal

Spa Day

In a couple of days I will be heading to my next destination , Japan ! A gentle turmoil of anxiety and excitement  all wrapped in my mind, but it’s all good !

Before leaving for the next big adventure, it is  very important, specifically for a solo traveller, to be prepared emotionally, physically and spiritually. I have only me, myself and I to rely on, so you can bet I have to be on point on every level.

This is why I chose to spend a day at Spa Scandinave Montreal before I leave to exotic Japan! 

Spa Scandinave

If anyone knows me well enough, you sure understand by now my obsession with anything Scandinavian! Yes, fashion, home designs, culture, food and of course spa’s!

When I was in Finland last year , choosing a spa amongst 1 million was indeed a big challenge. Here in Montreal I was so happy to find one that is Scandinavian inspired & measured up to what the Finns do the best !

For my physical well being, before flying for 13.5 hours , I decided to go to Spa Scandinave; a tranquil haven Scandinavian inspired spa!

Yes this is what I was looking for and this is the Spa I chose here in Montreal!

Thermal Baths

My first immersion was the warm thermal baths to reduce stress & tension and cultivate mindfulness; a very important value to integrate, not only while travelling but in your every day life.

Spa Scandinave Montreal
I decided to go to Spa Scandinave; a tranquil haven Scandinavian inspired spa!

Within the warm thermal bath ,a hydro water massage that shoots strong water for a relaxing massage on your body ! Oh, the healing power of water!

The heat will make your blood flow which is an added benefit for circulation . Now what about an icy “plunge ” next to the warm bath? What are the advantages , you ask ? No guts , no glory !

The Ice Plunge

It has been studied that the hot-cold therapy creates an overall positive feeling. It has been said not only are there less absenteeism at work but the anti-inflammatory effects on your body . The cold can be a total shock on your body but it sure awakens & stimulate healthy circulation !!!!

Spa Scandinave Montreal
Ice Plunge

The Heated Eucalyptus Room

So here was an added bonus and favourite room, a heated eucalyptus room! Breathing in a minty pine sharp smell expanding in your lungs ! Breathing this vapour surely stimulates mental awareness and alertness . This rejuvenates, not only mental but your emotional spirit , it removes layers of negativity so you can be in tune with your spirit ! Two added & important bonus when travelling solo !

How many times have I mentioned when travelling solo, it is important to listen to your intuition. In order to be in tune with this intuition , your mind & body has to be free of toxins ! A day at Spa Scandinave will provide these benefits .

Relaxing Rooms

Silence is golden; a motto I completely resonate with. Although the whole premise promotes the importance of silence, the relaxing rooms automatically transforms you in tranquility and silence.

This is where you can choose to relax, nap, contemplate or meditate .It is unfortunate that there are many people who are not comfortable with silence; silence can be scary but yet very powerful. Silence not only stimulates more positive benefits but has the power to let you think and understand who you are as a person.

Silence helps you build confidence , helps you be brave and courageous and you learn to trust your inner guide ! A fundamental trait in travelling solo !

I can honestly say, I loved my overall experience at Spa Scandinave. I am proud to feel part of a city that is able to merge different cultural aspect of the world. It is not only to learn from differences but to be curious to try or at least awaken the desire to travel a little deeper within ourselves.

Please note once you experience this overall feeling of peace and tranquility you can it enhance by adding many other services like a massage. Another important aspect I look at and they have excelled , is the total cleanliness of all the amenities that is offered. Bravo !

Spa Scandinave
Spa Scandinave

Thank you Spa Scandinave ! I will definitely be back !

Spa Scandinave Montreal

If you would like information on well beings I recommend this book from

Although I was hosted at Spa Scandinave, all opinions are honestly my own.

This post may have an affiliate link which if you click on it and make a purchase, I will get a small commission, and no charge on you.

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