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Solo Travel Blogger  Montreal
Solo Travel Blogger

Hello and Welcome 

I am a solo travel girl . Since a very young age , the world of travel always fascinated me.

To me travel , was always about learning new cultures and seeing the world with new eyes. I am a solo travel blogger and I started this blog to share the world with

Most of the time, I travel solo & will write about my adventures around the world. I use my camera as my storytelling tool. Travelling & photography are 2 of my biggest passions.

I travel in unique countries of the world to show unique experiences that are truly life learning .

Why do we Travel ?

We travel to learn a new culture, language, cuisine or way of life. Often the beauty of this world is  overlooked yet another possible reason to voyage the globe. I want to change this by showing you the beauty I capture of the people , natural beauty of the world or something like a simple kind gesture from locals.

Flying to Australia
Flying to Australia


Travel has the power to escape our lives and face the unknown  as if somewhat this unfamiliarity challenges us and strengthens us. Travelling is a  good remedy  for your soul. Strength , courage and a sense of pride .

Every country I visit I come back a different person with more knowledge and experiences I will share with you. I always come back as a better person.

Beautiful Cinque TerreA Unesco World Heritage Site since 1997,
Beautiful Cinque Terre A Unesco World Heritage Site since 1997.

Hope you follow my journey to countries around the world where I will show you how to travel solo and give you suggestion on places to go or custom’s of a country. I will show you unique experience each country can offer so we can all learn and be unified as a nation.

Because at the end , you only realize how we are truly all the same.

Cinque Terre Italy
Cinque Terre Italy

Feel free to contact me and get in touch, I would really love to hear from you.