About Me

Jet Setter's Suitcase Blog- Solo Travel Blogger
Jet Setter’s Suitcase Blog- Solo Travel Blogger

Hello and Welcome 

My name is Sonia Milano and since a very young age , the world of travel always fascinated me. To me travel , was always about learning new cultures and seeing the world with new eyes. I am a Canadian travel blogger and I started this blog to share the world with you.

Most of the time I travel solo and will write about my adventures around the world. I use my camera as my storytelling tool.

Why do we Travel ?

We travel to learn a new culture, language, cuisine or way of life. Often the beauty of this world is  overlooked yet another possible reason to voyage the globe.

Travel has the power to escape our lives and face the unknown  as if somewhat this unfamiliarity challenges us and strengthens us. Travelling is a  good remedy  for your soul. Strength , courage and a sense of pride .

Beautiful Cinque TerreA Unesco World Heritage Site since 1997,
Beautiful Cinque Terre A Unesco World Heritage Site since 1997.