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She is Not Lost
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She is Not Lost

Solo Traveller


That certain lost or puzzled  face we see, explaining our journeys as a solo traveller. That questioning on how  or why we do it, as if we are from a different planet. Their  look of bewilderment trying to  understand our motives. The question is, why is solo travel a subject ?  Why does it have to be a big deal ? And mostly, when will this  ” freaky people ” category ever stop?

One of the main reason most people cannot  fathom the idea on solo travelling is fear of the unknown. Fear of this, fear of that. It is just a fear and most fears are a segment of our imagination. What I truly believe behind all of this is, is the idea of being alone, because  socially, being alone is a bad word.

She is Not Lost

As if the fine art of  sharpening your instincts or being street smart and wise is a bad thing. As if having goals and aspirations is weird. Being independent and in control of one’s life  is frowned upon . Being lost is more encouraged than finding  one’s way.

It is NOT  about the destination it is how one will deal with the idea of being alone and how to exersize those hidden  resources. I have seen people in my own city not able to navigate the streets of Montreal and have got caught up in sketchy scams. I noticed  friends or family feeling bored or lonely in our own city.  Naive people speaking to untrusting strangers all can happen in my own city.

So is it really about the  destination?


Solo Travel

Solo travel is about the confidence , independence and self control one has to survive. It about trusting your instincts whether in your own city or abroad. It’s about being a go getter and trusting your free spirited heart roaming the planet fearlessly.

It has been surveyed that there have been more Google searches  on solo travelling than ever before. have seen a staggering 170% increase in solo rooms  & Cruise Lines are now  considering solo cabins. There is an interesting trend now in the Hotel business that have a solo travel theme.  I was recently invited to one of these hotels and happy to share my experience once I will arrive to my destination. I am beyond flattered and excited.

My challenge now is to help implement this rising trend on solo travel and to encourage, empower and inspire everyone who is alone to travel more, further and deeper .









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