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Santa Claus Village

Welcome to the home where Santa Claus lives. Just a short distance from the city of Rovaniemi, lies the magical Santa Claus Village. I can only describe it as a Christmas Wonderland where true magic appears.

Santa Claus Village
Santa Claus Village

There are lots of things you can do as adults or as a family in the Village. From reindeer rides to adventures like catching the Northern lights or just simply relax in a sauna. Don’t forget to try the Glögi in an Arctic Cafe to warm up .

Most visitors come to Lapland to visit of course dear ol’ Santa Claus. Rovaniemi Tourism invited me to visit Santa in his office and find out who Santa really is .

The elves greeted me with a warm welcome. Letters and postcards from around the world filled his office . The queue outside was long and children were all waiting in anticipation.

Santa Claus

After briefly touring his office, I sat next to Santa and was warmly welcomed. He asked me where I was from and how we both agreed how magical Lapland really is. Canada may be similar in terms of snow and being situated in the Arctic but for some reason Lapland felt like magical place to be.

The Real Santa Claus
The Real Santa Claus

Who is Santa ?

Santa wants you to know more about him. Yes he rides his sleigh and lives in the North Pole but there is more to him than we actually know. I had the pleasure asking him some questions and learning about him.

Santa has been a Santa all his life of course and like everyone else, a well deserved break is always needed. In the evening after greeting thousands of people around the world, Santa likes to rest and nap.

His reindeers are outside around the village waiting for him as he does not only stay in his office, you may see him outside. In the summer , it is still a busy time for him. He loves his nature walks and wildlife.

Santa's Reindeers
Santa’s Reindeers

What does Santa like most about Lapland? Well, he answered me it’s magical and it truly is. What a great place Lapland is. How picturesque this little town is covered with snow and pink skies in the horizon.

Santa Claus Office

Located after the Arctic Circle, Santa Claus Office is where you visit Santa & tell your Christmas wish. Fully illuminated in a red tone to symbolize Christmas and love , I knew I was getting into something special.

So once you are here this is your moment to whisper to Santa your wish for 2019. Dreams come true in Lapland because it is magical.

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