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Village Kiramachi Ryokan
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Ryokan-Authentic Japanese Experience

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Village Kiramachi

When travelling to Japan, I knew I wanted to be part of an authentic experience by staying in a Ryokan. Now, it wasn’t just any Ryokan, I was very particular in my search.

Specifically one that is quiet and has a private bath. Village Kiramachi pleasantly offered both and more.

Clean & Aesthetic Village Kiramachi ryokan-authentic-japanese-experience
Clean & Aesthetic Village Kiramachi Ryokan

For a full sense of of tranquility , away from the hustle & bustle of Kyoto, you can’t go wrong at Village Kiramachi. Add a warm & welcoming hospitality and you can call this Ryokan , your home.

Little History

Before Village Kiramachi, Machiyas lined the streets in Kyoto. Machiyas are traditional, dark wooded design townhouses predominately in the Edo period in Japan. All grouped together and people knew each other well.

Brown wooded buildings ryokan-authentic-japanese-experience
Brown wooded buildings

Demolished Machiyas now replace high rises or condos. But Machiyas can’t even endure an earthquake due to their construction. So recently, there has been a project to turn these Machiyas into a single unit hotel still maintaining the authenticity of Japanese culture.

All thanks to the architectural genius behind Good Designs Works .

Good Design Works

I had the great opportunity to speak to the architect, Kiraeri Moatesu , behind this new renovated project that was completed in 4 years. The crucial thing was the importance of privacy . He created a lot of fine details to emphasize this sense of privacy.

Fine details to create harmony at Village KIramachi ryokan-authentic-japanese-experience
Fine details to create harmony at Village KIramachi

The rooms in the Ryokan are completely sound proof so that if you listen to loud music , it will not be heard. He decorated the rooms with natural and artistic materials creating an ambiance of natural beauty. Paying attention to fine details like adding beautiful autumn leaves and natural cedar wood for the Onsen bath.

Sleep in Typical Futons ryokan-authentic-japanese-experience
Sleep in Typical Futons
One of the main bathroom in room ryokan-authentic-japanese-experience
One of the main bathroom in room

At Village Kiramachi this renovated project also has been given a strong structure to endure Japan’s earthquakes, so it is very safe.

Every room in this Ryokan is a different design but all Kyoto style. The rooms are minimalist with a clean line design. He created a stream of water with the sound of soft water passing through. Simply marvellous piece of art !

Water streaming through adding a calming effect
Water streaming through adding a calming effect

My Stay at Village Kiramachi

But there was another important element beyond these aesthetically pleasing rooms, the sense of security I felt being there. As a solo traveller , this is something very important to me.

There are great tiny details that Kyoto’s most enchanting Ryokan add to its charm and character. Everything was aesthetically pleasing to me , I automatically felt a sense of peace and serenity .

My Little Buddha to protect me
My Little Buddha to protect me

The whole experience was so unique and positive. It gave me time to contemplate and enjoy a cup of green tea and Japanese food. This is a quintessential & unforgettable Japanese Ryokan experience .

Guest room facing Japanese garden
Guest room facing Japanese garden
Japanese Food is delicious
Japanese Food is delicious

I really loved my stay at Village Kiramachi ,I felt welcomed with everyone’s kindness and hospitality.

In Japan there is so much to see and do, this has been a country that exceeded all my expectations. I know I will return again to Japan and it is definite when returning to Kyoto, Village Kiramachi is where I will stay again , because I can call it going back home !

If you are interested in booking or get more details and rates on Village Kiramachi , I have included the link

Although I was hosted at Village Kiramachi, all opinions are sincerely my own .

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