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My Weekend in Prague

How to Spend a Weekend in Prague Having travelled to many European cities, Prague was a fairly easy one  explore as the rest. If  a weekend escape intrigues you, why not try Prague! A city filled  with history and an  eclectic art scene ,prepare to squeeze  it all in.     Prague is a walkable […]

Croatia Travel Guide

Favourite Things in Croatia.   My Travel Guide to Croatia .   Croatia, a country that boasts having  the most surrounding islands.The Croats are proud to have 1000 islands encircling their country.  France has the glamorous French Riviera , Italy has the picturesque Amalfi Coast and Croatia luckily joined in with their elegant coastline known […]

Slovenia-Europe’s Best Kept Secret

Hidden Gem Slovenia Travelling  to Slovenia is a guarantee   eye opener for how unexpectedly amazing it is. Home to  Škocjan Caves,  a natural sight protected by UNESCO or their  famous  white Lipizzaner horses and fairy tale Lake Bled. Slovenia is a small country that is often overlooked & I don’t know why it’s not […]

One Day in Amsterdam

   One  day  Amsterdam?   You have only one day in Amsterdam?  Make it quick  , make it the best you can.  There is  more to Amsterdam than the  widely known  Red Light District  or their national  wooden clogs. It is a vibrant , young city that has a lot to offer.    Amsterdam has […]

A Brief Stop in Bosnia

A Brief Stop in Bosnia   Travelling through  the Bosnian border with my american group, tension just arose all around the bus. We did not expect this stop from Croatia travelling to Slovenia . This is the beauty of travelling, always expect the unexpected. Unfortunately we did not explore this country, we were just on […]

Magical Ghent and Bruges Day Tour

Explore Ghent and Bruges !  I love taking day tours. I learn the history, I meet people all around the world, and I am being driven around. What more does a girl want? But this city is one of those places you visit and only wish you did it without a tour.  Renting a bike […]

Architecture in Vienna

Top 5 Things to do in Aristocratic Vienna

Top 5 Things to Do in Vienna Oh Vienna, how obvious you  display  , with  excessive pride ,  the  nobleness  that once  occurred in this imperial city . Aristocratic privilege sets the stage  all around Vienna.  It was however shaped by locals as Beethoven, Mozart, Sigmund Freud  or Gustav Klimt. Need I say more?   A […]

Eh, Canada !

Canada will be turning a young 150 years !  Canada eh,  I was born and raised in this beautiful country I call my home.  It is the 2nd largest country of the world with vast landscapes, an abundance of parks across the country and the diversity of people whose roots originate from France, Britain , […]

Montenegro the Black Mountain

Mysterious Montenegro   Montenegro, means the Black Mountain and only when you step foot in this small, almost undiscovered country, you understand it is the perfect name. It is only 1 hour drive from Dubrovnik in Croatia and it is a must see tour , I would recommend more than just 1 day, it is […]

Welcome to Amalfi Coast, Naples

How Seductive You Are Amalfi Coast      Visiting the Amalfi Coast , in the south of Italy ,felt like I went home. Situated in Italy’s Sorrentine pennisula, Campania famous for pizza, art , the warmth and generosity of locals and their particular ” napulitan” dialect. Beautiful, seductive and what style.  I only have beautiful […]