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Oslo and Architecture

First Day in Oslo 

A look of confusion on friends or family’s faces when I mentioned I am travelling to Norway; it was a similar  expression as my travel to Iceland. I understand most people travel to the south where it is warm and sunny. I travel to see what each country has to offer . It is up to me to discover it, peel off layers upon layers until I understand the essence of the country.

Oslo , the capital of Norway is becoming a leader in modern architecture.  New neighbourhoods are slowly emerging and new buildings are in construction. Lambda, the new Munch Museum will open in 2020 .I have seen what it will look like and it’s spectacular.

The use of wood texture and glass is a common theme they use in their designs. It symbolizes the nature of Norway intertwined with new technology. The use of simplistic and clean lines serves the functionality for every day life. Why complicate when it actually is very simple , attitude.

Astrup Fearnley Museum
Astrup Fearnley Museum


Barcode Buildings, Oslo
Barcode Buildings, Oslo


The Thief Hotel
The Thief Hotel

You see this common theme in fashion, home designs and national characteristic of Norwegians or just Scandinavian culture.

Due to its quick developments,Oslo tourism will rise in tourism .  Beach buffs may squirm at the idea ,but for those with a Nordic heart, Oslo will be the place to go.




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