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One Day in Amsterdam


 One  day  Amsterdam?


You have only one day in Amsterdam?  Make it quick  , make it the best you can. 

There is  more to Amsterdam than the  widely known  Red Light District  or their national  wooden clogs. It is a vibrant , young city that has a lot to offer.


 Amsterdam has many museums  to choose from, making it impossible to do this in 1 day, let alone waiting in the hefty queues. 

 Start the day with a leisure walk, discovering the 3 main canals of Amsterdam Herengracht, Prinsengracht , Keizersgracht  is a smart thing to do. Learn the history and meanings of each canals and how it ended up on UNESCO heritage.

Not only will you see how beautiful their architecture is, you realise the love affair the Dutch have with cycling. Everyone has one, everyone rides one, everyone breaths one. Each one is unique, from bizarre to outlandish, Amsterdam is a biking city, making it environmentally clean.

Bikes in Amsterdam
Bikes in Amsterdam

Shop in the Nine Streets of Amsterdam, the locals call it De Negen Straatjes. Quaint cafes, designers or  art galleries.  Savour Dutch cheese at speciality shops my favourite was The Golden Age Cheese.

Architecture in Amsterdam
Architecture in Amsterdam

If you are a photography buff as myself, learn  &  click away at the fascinating  architecture between the new and the old in Amsterdam. 


Architecture in Amsterdam
Architecture in Amsterdam

Last but not least, yes do  go visit the Red Light District , it is interesting to visit. You are not allowed to take pictures, they can get very loud and may even remove camera from you.



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