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At the Summit

Number 1 Attraction in Banff, Alberta- The Gondola Ride

The Gondola

Seated in a  4- passenger closed cable car, you will be mesmerized  at the scenic view  as soar  to  the top of Sulphur Mountain. Towering  at  7500 ft above sea level., the ride takes approximately 8 minutes, with a marvellous view from every angle.  If you are concerned  about glare on your photograph, not to worry ,  a small  window easily open to get great shots.  You can purchase your ticket at Banff Gondola .

Banff Gondola
Banff Gondola



Getting There 

To get to the Gondola, you simply take the number 1 bus from the main road, Banff Avenue. Roam Transit Services offers rides to and from there. The bus ride is only 2$ or you can get a day pass at 5$. Ask your hotel if they offer a complimentary pass. Mine did, but failed to mention; I was not too happy about that.

Mountain View Top

 The sheer  magnitude of these cloud-hidden  snow capped mountains,  evergreen trees and magnificent  scenery is truly a marvel of nature. When I arrived at the mountain look out, it was snowing , creating a misty and mysterious forest backdrop. The mountains emanate such power and magnificence , they radiate beauty in any type of weather. It is no wonder , the Canadian Rockies are a top destination when travelling to Banff Alberta
Once you are on the top, you can  stroll the Boardwalk that brings you to the top of Mount Sulphur. The summit is equipped with a lovely restaurant where you can take in the spectacular scenery, as well as an educational information centre showcasing Banff’s diverse wildlife and rich history. One can’t help but marvel at the awe- inspiring panoramic views and breathtaking scenery.

Mirror Bear Statue at Top
Mirror Bear Statue at Top
Top of Mount Sulphur
Top of Mount Sulphur



Be on the look out on the wildlife  for any  you may encounter.  Grizzly bears were spotted around Jasper so we were all waiting in anticipation but no luck. Wildlife is very protected around the parks and you can get a heavy fine if you are caught feeding them. So please avoid feeding any animals. 

In Canada we are one of the first to build animal bridges so they can cross over safely  during migration season to avoid getting hit by cars. They have replicated a forest on these bridges to feel the animals are in their  natural habitat. What a great idea!

I did see a flying bald eagle soaring high above us , the canadian geese  resting on a lake and a few female mountain sheeps licking salt in the middle  of the road.

sheeps of banff
sheeps of banff


Banff is a beauty for nature  photography, so have your camera ready no matter what road or direction you take. Banff scenery especially at the top of the summit  is  so spectacular and your jaw willl drop many times.  Depending on the time of the year you travel, I recommend getting a polarized filter to remove glare from the cable car  ( if it is too cold to open window ) or strong sun rays from the snow.

We , Canadians usually travel to the south or in Europe but we should not forget we live in a beautiful country and pictures do not do Banff  justice . I encourage everyone to put the Canadian  Rockies on your bucket list, it is really worth it.  This trip has been one of my favourite travel destination not only for the beauty but the connection and oneness  I felt with nature.




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