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My Zodiac Adventure in Vancouver

My Vancouver Adventure

Part of what I do as a travel blogger, I feel it is important for me to travel at least once a year across my own country, Canada. A country full of raw , natural beauty. This is what I did again this year, I chose Vancouver !

Before every trip I make an itinerary to plan my travels but keep space for spontaneity and usually spontaneity precedes.

Vancouver City and Seal Tour

Instead of the typical Hop on Hop Off tour , I decided to take a tour that was different & exciting ! The City and Seal Tour with a Zodiac !

My Zodiac Adventure in Vancouver
Vancouver City & Seal Tour

Now, if someone knows me well enough, you will understand I am not a fan of water, petrified !! I am not the greatest swimmer ; yet I have always encouraged my readers to face our fears and be brave in your quest of life, whatever sets your soul on fire, always go with a fearless & open heart !

And this applies also to me. Trust me, although I travel solo, I still have fears to face and crush. Water is 1 of them. I decided to take it regardless of “stupid” fears! I did have some doubt after signing a waiver explaining ” in any event of water activity , there is always a risk of getting hurt resulting in risking your health and getting paralyzed !!!! WHAT ???

What did I get myself into ?

Honestly , it is and feels really safe. Before getting on the Zodiac you get yourself in these safe air float red suits ! Dylan , our guide, provides you some safety information and then you are off !!

Honestly , it  is and feels really safe. Before getting on the Zodiac you get yourself in these safe air float  red suits ! Dylan , our guide, provides you some safety inf
Red Float Safety Suits

This zodiac tour has been so much fun and your will never forget such an experience. It is a 1.5 hrs tour guided by our guide Dylan. Dylan was so friendly and informative , he left a positive impression on all of us !

We saw the most iconic spots of Vancouver like Stanley ParkLion Gate’s Bridge, the homes of the rich and famous . My favourite was the seal colony ! Everything was just fantastic! 

Vancouver City & Seal Tour
Vancouver City & Seal Tour

You can book this tour either online or you can go to Gransville and purchase your ticket there. I will write about Gransville on my next post.

The tour is approximately 60$ , a ride full of great information on Vancouver and full of adventures on the Zodiac. In case someone doesn’t know what a Zodiac boat is , I can explain.

They come in many shapes & sizes but the most common component is that’s inflatable but really great to float on waters. Although not as fast as a speedboat, Dylan made it the most fun especially guiding the Zodiac on a curve ! I did silently screech but I really enjoyed this tour!

Here are some of the pictures I took while touring !

Beautiful Vancouver BC
Beautiful Vancouver BC
Homes of the Rich & Famous
Homes of the Rich & Famous

If you want something fun and adventurous thing to do in Vancouver, I strongly recommend this one.

This tour was NOT hosted so all opinions and reviews are all my own and honest, as usual.

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