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Be Brave

My New Exciting World

New Opportunity

Ever wonder how there is something mysterious out there that manifests a reality? Call it coincidence, call it chance, I call it higher intelligence. An entry to a new exciting world of what fate demands.

We are all meant to do something, and when you are aligned to it, trust me you get the opportunity. Trust it and don’t resist.

My New Exciting World-Opportunity
My New Exciting World -Photo Credit sammie-vasquez-Zdf3zn5XXtU-unsplash

I got this opportunity and I am open & excited to this new transformation.

For those who do not know, I recently lost my job of 20 years. I have been devoted and loyal for all the services I put into it, only to hear in the morning of August 14th 2019, corporate bullshit ” we have abolished your position” !

Mixed Emotions

It was at that moment an array of emotions flooded my mind ! It is the same feeling as being in a comfortable dead end relationship, one part wants to stay but the other part knows I am better off without you !

The hardest part is distinguishing what is in your logic versus what you feel is in your heart. The feelings are sometimes like waves but now I decided to surf those waves whether big or small, fearless or not!

Be Fearless _Opportunity
Be Fearless – photo credit luis-galvez-I8gQVrDcXzY-unsplash

Someone told me ” do not resist this change and remove fear as this is a barrier to what is meant for you ” Thank you beautiful person for your words of wisdom!


And so my new freedom have just started and already getting amazing opportunities for my travels and upcoming projects. I can’t wait to have it all manifested and share with you.

My Newfound Freedom-Opportunity
My Newfound Freedom- photo credit aditya-saxena-_mIXHvl_wzA-unsplash

Change can be scary but you want to know what is scarier than change? Allowing fear to immobilize you or worse, control you and your life !!

Change is good and I can only welcome it. I hope to inspire you to never fear the unknown, embrace it, learn from it and own it. Ride the waves !

Travel Photography & Blogging

As a young adolescent girl my ideal job was to work at National Geographic ( true ). My friends would read Harlequin Romance , I collected National Geographic Magazines . The world was a fascination to me. I understood how this curiosity, reading about the unknown parts of the world, was valuable knowledge that I can share.

With the help of technology and social media , it has given me the opportunity to share this knowledge through my blogging and especially my love of photography. I created my own version of National Geographic !

One must be curious to make it work, one needs to have an open mind and never stop to learn.

My New Journey
I do not fear this change, only looking forward to it .

The Journey

So this is what I will do, keep on going to make this work so I can share the knowledge of the world to you. This will be about a lifelong learning journey and can only trust my instinct and my love of travel to bring me where I want to go.

Thank you being part of my world and your support of my work 🙂

Featured photo , credit from joyce-mccown-Th4AD-YDEjI-unsplash

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