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My 5 Essential Travel Items

Hello fellow  travellers!

To pack essential items is important for most travellers.  As we all know, planning a trip takes time , research and organization. The same is said for what we pack and make sure not to leave behind. I am certain we all relate .

We begin planning  for the packing , the flight, the duration of the trip up  until the end of the trip! That is a lot of thinking! But we do it each in our own way.

When I travel I have some 5 top essentials that I have with me at all times! It is not the obvious, like camera, lenses, batteries or memory card. They are more or less my survival items I need to have with me, here it goes:

5 Top Essentials


  1.  Meditation apps -Ok here is a little secret , whether train, car, ship or airplane, I cannot sleep without a bed, a real bed.How do people just sit comfortably in their seats and sleep the whole flight? . The truth is I have a really hard time.  This is where I like a soft relaxing mediation app to listen to so hopefully I too can sleep like the passengers around me. Honestly, I need a private jet with a real bed to be able to sleep, without a mediation app, but this is another story.

    picture credit malte-wingen-382148-unsplash.jpg
  2. Comfy flannel socks- I like to have them with me on the flight when I remove my shoes and in my hotel room especially when I sleep. I don’t like to overpack, so they sort of replace bringing  slippers.The less I have in my luggage, the lighter I travel, the more I can shop !

    Comfey Socks
  3. Mixed nuts – Yes I mix nuts, dried fruits or cereals in a big bag to carry when I am travelling. Not only do I walk a lot, I consume a lot of energy. I avoid street food for fear of getting ill + for health reason I prefer my mixed nuts.

    Dried Fruits and Nuts
  4. My small Moschino wallet–  I call it my travelling wallet. It’s small , organized and fits well in my purse. In order to avoid an over cluttered purse, this little one does the job pretty well.

    Small essential wallet
  5. My mental attitude -I bet this one surprised you ,right? The truth is ,when travelling independently, I cannot stress how a right frame of mind  is important, so your trip goes smoothly, without unwanted distractions, unexpected circumstance that could have been avoided . When travelling independently, it is important to be mindful, positive, alert so you are in fine tune with your instincts. Your instincts will guide you and alert you if something does not feel right. You are in fine tune with your instincts only when you have a positive attitude travelling solo, fearlessly.
apiary-studio-568109-unsplash (1)
My Zen Attitude

Happy packing , happy travels everyone! 

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