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SAS AIRLINES – What You Should Know About Them



My travel to Norway and Sweden was without a doubt, 2  great destinations to discover.

As travellers, we all long for a stress free, without  any  unexpected  travel surprises to deal with.   Air travel has been the cheapest and most convenient to travel in this day of age so it’s more accessible . Therefore we  have all experienced flight delays, lost baggages or uncomfortable flight experiences.

As passengers from a service industry , all these unexpected  experiences are beyond our control . We arrive at the airport on time, we check in, pass security and check our gates.  Indeed a simple procedure but  SAS Airlines took simplicity and turned it in a useless complexity that could have been avoided.

Missed Flight

 During my stay in Norway, I had planned to travel to Stockholm from Oslo, a 55  minute  flight with SAS Airlines, Scandinavian national airline. After checking in  and getting to my gate, I realised  I was waiting longer than expected,  I questioned a possible delay . I asked customer service at the airport what happened to my flight only to hear the flight left without me!

What ?  I was speechless . How is this possible and why no one notified me ? No announcement, no email, no text message. How is this mishap even possible in 2017 when communication has become  a piece of cake. 

 Customer service agent informed me that at Oslo Airport it is important to keep noise level down so they avoid making airport announcements.   Last time I checked, it was not a church to enforce the importance of  silence but an airport where there is constant traffic  and noises. What if a child got lost in airport ? Is the level of noise still important ?

Once I went through the whole procedure to get my luggage  , pass through security again, to my surprise  SAS Airlines charged me for another ticket, I had to pay an extra 156$ . They claim that SAS Airlines did try to contact me on my wireless but guess what ?  It  was not even my number !!! They do not want to reimburse back the money.

Sas airlines did not want to take responsibility for their negligence , only to blame me to be to the gate on time.

SAS Airlines
SAS Airlines


This experience was so frustrating and unfair that I made a further complaint, only to get back an email that it is my responsiblity to check the gates. To my surprise , SAS Airlines constantly change gates without a notification.  Upon my return back to Oslo , they changed gates 3 times, no notifications. Where is airport service?

Basically, they expect a passenger be glued to the gates announcement board  but are unwilling to assist passenger to make their experience pleasant.  I was responsible enough to make my airport experience the least stressful by checking on line, getting in 2 hours before .  SAS Airlines did not take my concern and situation seriously.

I love the Scandinavian countries especially for their efficiencies and punctualities but this left me with a bad taste to  never fly SAS Airlines ever again.

Upon reviews I have seen customers complaining about missing flights similar to my situation.

As a travel blogger it is important to inform my readers about services that are good but I also have a vital role to be honest about any injustices I see or experience in the travel industry.

This was one of them!

Seems like a very dishonest way to get more money from passengers.  I am completely disappointed in SAS Airlines to never fly with them again, so beware my  friends .

Share your experiences , I would love to hear !











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