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Maman's NYC Griffintown
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Maman’s NYC in Montreal

Maman’s NYC

When Montrealers hear a NYC shop is now in Montreal, we get excited. When we hear it is located in Griffintown, we are over the top ! The big talk in Montreal is now the opening of this rustic yet trendy cafe in Griffintown, Maman’s NYC.

As we know social media is really big, therefore as soon as we hear of a new “kid” on the block , Montrealers get curious, we love & welcome new ideas to our great diverse city.

Maman's NYC Griffintown
Maman’s NYC Griffintown
Maman's NYC Griffintown
Maman’s NYC Griffintown

Their History

IN 2014 Benjamin Sormonte and Elisa Marshall open the shop in Soho NYC, perfect area in NYC. Influenced from childhood memories , their focus was on French and North America quality food. Anything from quiches to healthy salads making sure menus changes to please their clients.

Maman's NYC Griffintown
Maman’s NYC Griffintown

Now they have these cafe shops anywhere from Tribeca to Meatpacking District ! Hey, Toronto has one as well !

Maman’s Montreal

I think, I have mentioned how much I enjoy exploring Montreal , especially when not travelling. I love to scout the streets in Montreal and bring you stories of Montreal’s hot spot ! Maman’s NYC is 1 of them.

I decided to go with my friend at brunch time. The service is friendly & pleasant without feeling rushed. The menus varies but I chose the Maman NYC sandwich breakfast.

Maman's Breakfast Buns
Maman’s Breakfast Buns -Yummy

Hamburger bun filled with avocado, sweet cherry tomatoes sprinkled with tasty bacon all atop a sunny sided egg! The combination of flavours bursted in my mouth! Delizioso !!!

The Interior Decor

Their rustic interior showed how an unfettered ambiance   can replace boring coffee shop looks. Nothing feels prim and proper only a comfortable casual atmosphere.

Maman's NYC Griffintown
Maman’s NYC Griffintown

The most interesting was how I was served my order ! Never mind the rules of cutlery, that was out the window ! It was served with the knife stabbed right through the bun. Offensive ? Only if those were chopsticks in Japan !!

Let me remind you , this is Griffintown Montreal, where the crowd is young trendy and love a good laugh! Overall, everything is served with LOVE !

Cafe Latte
Cafe latte

Bravo to the opening of Maman’s NYC !!! I loved the food , I loved the service and of course the overall ambiance and experience.

Here is the address if you are interested to visit, which I highly recommend!

1524 notre-dame st. west
montreal, qc H3C 1L1


M-F 7am-6pm
S-S 8am-6pm

only for parties of 10 or more. email for booking info

Enjoy ! Please reach out if you have any questions or just to let me know if you enjoyed it .

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