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Magical Ghent and Bruges Day Tour

Explore Ghent and Bruges !

 I love taking day tours. I learn the history, I meet people all around the world, and I am being driven around. What more does a girl want?

But this city is one of those places you visit and only wish you did it without a tour.  Renting a bike  riding around the city until sunset is the ideal. Or just walking.

Ghent , lovely Ghent situated in the Flemish region of Brussels . It is small yet animated . After sunset, restaurants flourish, bars are hustling  and  locals breath a new life in this medieval city.

Ghent Belgium


Walking the cobble streets enthralled with the Medieval architecture along the canals only felt like a step back in time. All I needed was to encounter a serf or clergy to set the exact mood.

Why Ghent?

If you like to explore places that are off the beaten path this is a good start. Belfry and Cloth Hall is part of UNESCO World Heritage so this makes always more exciting  and educational of course.

Why Ghent? My favourite online travel resource , Lonely Planet calls it Belgium’s best kept secret.

I understand why.


Fairy-Tale Bruges 

Just less than 1 hour drive from Ghent we arrive in Bruges, a  fairy -tale  charming little town. They say it is Belgium’s most well preserved Medieval town. It is a culinary paradise and chocolate heaven all wrapped in one.

Another reason why completely on my own tour would be ideal, to savour their authentic cuisine + stuffing my mouth with the best chocolates.

Bruges is a quaint and charming town, I will let my photos tell my visual story. A definite must when travelling to Belgium.

Ghent Belgium
Ghent Belgium





Bruges Belgium
Bruges Belgium


Bruges Belgium
Bruges Belgium



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