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Autumn is Magic

Magical Autumn Days

Every October we welcome the beautiful Autumn season full of colours & crispy days .Warm sweaters ,pumpkin chai for coziness & new autumnal smell permeates the air.

Alison Cristen Photo Credit


This changing season represents our personal transformations and nature is the reflection of this; that change is always constant. Let’s face it EVERYTHING changes, nothing ever stays the same , nature teaches us this lesson.

Autumn reminds us that we too are transforming. The days are getting shorter but there is a certain calmness to prepare us for this time of internal reflection; every year can be a beautiful flow of this transformation.

Beautiful Autumn

Until we heard another partial lockdown in Montreal ,ugh!

All depends on how you manage your perception of this burden of our fundamental right of our freedom. This post is not about the freedom travelling to a far away destination but the courage to travel deep inside of you , regardless distractions, yes like another lockdown.

Let’s Start With Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the art of using all our 5 senses in the present environment. Taste of a crispy apple, hear the crumbling of leaves, see the colours of nature, smell the autumn flavour & feel what you feel.

Beautiful Autumn in the Park

This helps you centre your mind in the present moment, the only moment that exists. If you are looking back, you get depressed. IF you are looking in the future , you get anxious. The past or future is an illusion you only have created, remember that.

Technology can be a good thing but it also has a negative impact on our overall state of mind. Do you realize how we have lost touch with who we are and most of all not using our senses? This is because we allow technology or social media more importance than ourselves , this is embarrassingly sad.

For those who have never meditated let’s start with mindfulness. This can be a start to an internal meditation. You can do this by walking , eating, observing or simply feel things instead of overthinking ( anxiousness ) . You will become aware how YOU are creating all this internal chaos & control back your mind the the present moment or mindfulness.

Art of Mindfulness & Breathe
Georgia De Lotz Photo Credit


I understand short and darker days approaching makes many people go through SAD , seasonal affective disorder. We, like the animal kingdom choose to migrate in the warmth of our homes, social activities become less frequent and we are left with ourselves.

For those who suffer from SAD this can be a very difficult time, especially with a new lockdown ! I assure you , using the right state of mind, the right perception , this can be the start of a personal journey.

Life is a Personal Journey
CPicture Credit Unsplash Clemens Van Lay

In uncomfortable situations remember the art of mindfulness, use your senses instead of creating useless thoughts. During the lockdown it is essential to remind yourself this every single day. You can choose it to be negative or you can choose to be positive.

Self Reflections

Spending time in your internal self ,creates self awareness . You will understand the perception you have of the world is a reflection of who you think you are as a person. I suggest to go deeper in your mindfulness practice . But you will discover there is more to you than what you created.

Negativity is just a layer or a roadblock that has been created to hide your true self. Meditation or mindfulness helps remove these layers of self limits. During the lockdown, a very difficult time for all of us, it is the medicine to overcome this war; or eating lots of pizza helps lol.

Learn lessons from nature. Nature has a natural flow of things, it changes all the time.It is constantly creating something natural , like the sound of ocean waves, the warmth of the sun, or the spectacular element of lightning or the changing of leaves.

Autumn leaves

If your internal dialogue is negative, create a beautiful language. If your world is black and white, choose colours instead. It really is a sense of perception and what YOU created in your mind.

“Life is a big canvas, throw all the paint you can on it ” Dany Kaye

“People see what they want to see & what people want to see never has anything to do with the truth ” by Roberto Bolano

Remember the practice of mindfulness. Remember we are all in this together and right now we all need positivity to move forward.

Be safe everyone.

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