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La Maison Lavande


La Maison Lavande


La Maison Lavande, situated 30 minutes from Montreal is an endless field of lavender flowers. During the month of July is the best time to visit as they are their full  bloom. A sense of mindfulness just settles you in the fields. Any thoughts of sadness, hurt or negativity slowly dissolves around this field of nature and beauty.

La Maison Lavande
La Maison Lavande, situated 30 minutes from Montreal is an endless field of lavender flowers


On Sunday I finally went to visit La Maison Lavande, a family owned business between Nancie & Daniel who started this business from a trip to Provence in 2006. Their passion of lavender field and entrepreneurship started this  cute little oasis . After the fields, you can grab this delicious thirst quenching lavender lemonade and enjoy it under the shade in a resting area full of bean bags and swinging chairs. A true delight.

Pick up  a souvenir or 2  of your favourite item, soaps, oils, creams or lavender mixed jams. The choice is vast, take your time and bring something home.

The Visit 

Visiting the lavender field here in Quebec has been on my bucket list for the longest time. They say everything has its own timing and what perfect timing this was. Maintaining this sense of present moment & mindfulness kept me balanced and  focused through this difficult moment in my life.

I recently lost an important person in my life, my mom. Although at times a complicated relationship, it is through her I learnt to be courageous and stand up for myself. Before she left me she continued her message of courage. My courage is reason why I started my blog and continue to inspire you to always travel with a fearless and open heart. It is my jouney I share with you.

If you have an afternoon to spare , la Maison Lavande is a beautiful place to visit. I cannot stress the benefits surrounding yourself with beauty and nature to find  solace back to  your soul. If you have any questions, please reach out to me.












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  1. Wow it is by sheer coincidence I fell on this beautiful blog through Pinterest.
    The loss of a Mom strikes hardest at one’s core. You are an inspiration to always follow your heart.

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