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La Grande Roue de Montreal

La Grande Roue de Montréal

This weekend, I finally went to try La Grande Roue de Montréal . I thought it was a great occasion since it was my Birthday weekend. Finally I can live to tell you about the experience.

La Grande Roue de Montréal was built to commemorate Montreal 375 birthday ! It was open on September 1st 2017. There are 8 famous Ferris wheels in the world & Montreal is not yet one of them. It does not mean it is not great, we are just not there in ranking yet. We just started this so let’s give Montreal a chance.

Cirque de Soleil Tents in Old Montreal
Cirque de Soleil Tents in Old Montreal

Famous Wheels Around the World

I am not sure what exactly is the point building a Ferris wheel in major cities of the world. Perhaps it is a connotation of amusement within the hub of the cities district. It gives rise to tourism and it works.

Some of the world’s most famous ones are the London Eye or Singapore Flyer! I personally would not visit them , just a shot or 2 is suffice for me.


As you know there is almost nothing I will not try, so indeed I had to give this a try. Well if you are afraid of heights, honestly there is no fear here. Safely enclosed in a temperature controlled cabin, you go around 4 times or 20 minutes. It does not move or rattle but you do get great aerial views of Montreal.

Aerial Views of Montreal
Aerial Views of Montreal

I have read and have described the cabins as luxurious but please don’t fall for that. They are spacious and comfortable but nothing as luxurious. Packages vary from single tickets to private or family packages. Packages start at 25$ and open all year round.

Aerial Views of Montreal

The reason I tried was to get spectacular panoramic views of Montreal and the wheel provided this however it is equivalent to a 20 story building. Hmmm I have another building in mind , higher and possibly more amazing views!

Aerial Views of Montreal
Aerial Views of Montreal

Tourist Trap

Be careful after the wheel is over , you are to be exited out going through a restaurant ! Yup, a tourist trap! This is a way to get you to stay in there, grab a bite or get something warm like a soup or hot chocolate.

Don’t fall for it, there are so many quaint cafes or restaurant especially in Old Montreal probably 1/2 the price. One of my favourite cafes is Tommy’s or Crew Cafe. Explore Montreal city we are known for great restaurants and quaint coffee shops!

I have lived in Montreal all my life and the. best way to learn about a city is through locals. This is what I do when I travel. Locals are the best people to reach out for restaurant suggestions, tips or secret places in Montreal.

Do you want to travel to Montreal and not sure where to start? Feel free to contact me with any questions. I love to use Booking to check hotels in any city I go to and same as for flights.

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  1. Great article! I like your candid honesty and no-nonsense expectations to prepare others for a beautiful adventure!

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