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Kron by Kron Kron in Iceland

KronKron Favourite Store in Reykjavik, Iceland

One of my favourite things to do while travelling is discovering unique shops within the city. My last day , while walking , I found  KronKron store in Reykjavik. Fashion, in every country of the world, reflects the tradition and national characteristic of their homeland.

Fashion in Iceland is , well, let’s just say eclectic , zany with a fun sense of humour. It is a mix and match of different styles, designs, colours or anything that will work.The funny part is that it does really work and they are proud of their Nordic designs like KronKron .

Eclectic Fashion in Iceland
Eclectic Fashion in Iceland

Here is a country that have no trends or fads like Paris, Milan or London. They call their fashion timeless, and it’s true . Fashion, enduring for  a vast amount of time is sustainable fashion, and that is smart according to me. Environmentally conscious, recyclable yet creative fashion and a greener world.

Lesson here is the importance protecting our world through sustainable fashion and travel. Iceland , the land of fire and ice ,  seem to have it on point ! Bravo!




Photo Credit: postcards from KronKron store

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