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International Countries Open , hey What About us Canadians?

My Missing in Action, so sorry !

Cricket, cricket , cricket the sound of my website lately. Waiting in anticipation, the beginning of post pandemic & thinking to myself which international countries are open.

This Community

This is a community of travel where I like to inspire & answer your questions . Finally , travel is now open to US citizens but we can also travel however only via US. As a result, here are some countries that are on the green list. Vaccinated travellers or at least proof you are Covid free is priority.

International Countries Welcoming US

The decision to travel is your choice & the choice to be vaccinated or not is too. It is the government to make sure our health is priority.

Top European Countries

  1. Crete Greece

The largest Greek island is without a doubt , a Mediterranean dream vacation. Full of history & ruins with mouth watery foods to indulge all your senses, Crete’s natural beauty will have you forget those dreaded lockdown we all experienced. For detailed information , check my favourite travel source Lonely Planet .

International  Countries Open
International Countries Open

2. Italy

North or South of Italy is incredibly beautiful. Home to fascinating sights and history surrounded by crystal clear Mediterranean Sea feels more like a trip to paradise. Must try Italian mouth watery foods or your daily espresso, Italy is truly “La Dolce Vita”. It is this with this idea we all hoped Italy would return to.

International  Countries Open

3. Croatia

From the Adriatic coast to the walled city of Dubrovnik , there is something for everyone. The beaches are a magical illusion of a massive sapphire gems. Croatia is the place where fantasy comes to a reality. The most popular destination in Croatia is Unesco World Heritage Site, Dubrovnik . Dubrovnik held up reasonably beautiful regardless the history they endured in the 1990’s.

4. Malta

From a restaurant conversation to travellers who have visited Malta all describe this small country as a pleasantly surprising melting pot. Situated close to North Africa or Middle East, it is no wonder of this ethic diversity. A wonderful destination for beach, culture , or food. You can add to visit Gozo & Comino or Valletta. Great destination for solo travellers .

5. Iceland

One of my favourite country that I would definitely revisit. Iceland will make your experience better than ever. There are things you need to know arriving in Iceland, you can read it here .

International  Countries Open

Other countries in Europe

Portugal, Spain, France , Montenegro ,North Macedonia or UK. Please check country for entry.

Top Caribbean Countries

The Caribbean is great destination for sun worshippers & lovers of beautiful landscapes and beaches. The unique blend of cultures and nationalities gives it a flavourful experience. Something for everyone & each country offers it in a different way; we are all happy Caribbean has open to tourism. This is all fantastic news.

  1. Antigua and Barbuda
  2. The Bahamas
  3. Barbados
  4. Belize
  5. Saint Maarten
  6. Jamaica
  7. St Lucia

So here is the list of most popular destination you can travel too. This is indeed very exciting for all of us wanderlusts. There are also other countries in South America or Africa that are slowly opening up. The pandemic is almost over but let’s continue to be safe & healthy.

So now that travel is opening, what are your travel plans? Therefore, we should all celebrate.

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