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I Dream of Africa

I Dream of Africa

Learning the tips and tricks attaining high quality  photography is essential goal for my future travel photography.

 The artist in me, will  drive me to learn as much as I can to capture unique photography of the world. One particular interest is my deep curiosity of what Africa can offer. You see , now I practice my craft in the streets to reach my goal of photographing the tribes or landscapes  of Africa.

 Tribes of the world and the anthropology side of it have always fascinated me. As I grow with my photography, I  know I will be ready to visit this amazing country amidst tribes of Masai, Mursi or Turkana & the African  ecosystem has to offer.

In Lisbon on June 2016 there was a street festival of African children perhaps celebrating a cultural ritual.I am unaware of what the celebration was for but I did take the opportunity to take photos of this event. 

African Children &Tribe
African Children &Tribe

 I believe the universe gives you opportunities to prepare for your dreams. It gave me an opportunity to practice and capture their essence.

I dream of Africa and all it has to offer, this is my journey and just watch me get there. 


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