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How Women Are Changing the Travel Industry

Women’s International Day

Today was International Women’s Day , a day to honour and respect our individuality as women. We have the freedom to express and live our lives to the best of our ability without any social judgment.

I am in the travel industry and I see powerful women out there that the word bravery is an understatement. They inspire me to continue my journey fearlessly as I may inspire someone to do the same.

Women and Travel

Tour companies are catering to females groups because we are travelling more than ever. They are creating unique tours for women around the world to empower them to explore the world with other women.

Unity of Women picture by Joel Muniz from Unsplash
Unity of Women picture by Joel Muniz from Unsplash

These types of travel are booming. What better way to empower women to travel more and deeper with the help and support of other women.

There are some that wander off independently & aimlessly in the world and that is ok too. The travel industry also recognizes this new trend. So much so that hotels are starting Solo Themes to cater to them. When I stayed at The Tank Stream Hotel in Sydney Australia, is the best example

Adventures and Bravery

Reading about women’s sense of adventure and bravery is a continuous inspiration for me.I vicariously live in their world’s experiences around the world. This motivates me to follow my dream to travel fearlessly.

Pushing Boundaries photo by Sammie Vasquez by Unsplash
Pushing Boundaries photo by Sammie Vasquez by Unsplash

From women becoming pilots ; to a very young twenty year old Lexie travelling to every country of the world . This is only small example of pushing boundaries and believing nothing is impossible.

Top 5 Inspiring Women Travellers

There are some women I follow on social media to inspire me to continue to do what I want to do and be able to push boundaries. Here are my top 5 female adventurers:

  1. Cristina Mittermeier : Adventurer and world photographer who travels to remote areas of the world to bring her message what is means to be human. Check her beautiful photography on her website.
  2. Kellee Edwards : a licenced pilot, travel expert and journalist. She has worked with the biggest travel brands and continues to set the bar high.
  3. Annapurna Mellor : Travel photographer & writer who has travelled to over 60 countries. She has worked with the largest brands like National Geographic, Lonely Planet and Roam Magazine. How cool is that? She has traveled extensively solo to Burma, Mangolia and India to photograph remote yet beautiful parts of the world !
  4. Jessica Nabongo : an ex UN employee has decided to become to first black woman to travel to every country of the world. She says it is not about being in the World Records book but about showing all women and people of colour to push boundaries in travel . She has had some rough times travelling because she is a woman. A man would probably not have gone through it . When will this ever stop? Read her article on CNN.
  5. Rachel Rudall: Here is an adventurous soul where she will not say no to any presented adventure. She has travelled to all 7 continents and extensive travel experiences from all over the world. Travel + Leisure, Forbes, Expedia all have featured her . She is fun and quirky and connects with her audience. Truly an inspiration to show anything is possible.
My Journey
My Journey
My Journey

I have a long way to go in regards to what I want to do and how much of the world I want to see. Through their wonderful stories it peaks a new question and awareness inside of me and it is ” how can I push myself further ” . This is my journey !

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