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How to Survive a Long Flight

My First Long Flight

It’s funny how ironic life can be sometimes. I must admit, I never liked to fly. Let alone flying well over 23 hours . I could never fathom the idea how to accomplish that. I always thought I would have gone with someone to make it easier . That idea failed and once again travelling solo always seemed to be my fate .

I knew eventually I had to do it for my love of travelling and my curiousity to see the world. I prepared myself when I got the opportunity to go to Australia. Fear would definitely not stop me.

Essential Items

Packing the right items for a long flight is fundamental to survive it. But there is something even more important.

Let’s face it, comfort does play an important aspect to this. We are all different therefore I don’t have the right recipe to it but I will tell you what I learnt I have to make it easier and help you.

Comfortable clothing , my music, movies to watch, a useless time consuming game , a comfortable pillow, some melatonin and some moisturizing cream. Honestly that’s it. The rest how you handle it has to do with your sense of endurance specifically mental endurance. Yes this is correct.


Walking in the plane , finding my seat, I knew I was up for a challenge facing my first longest ever 15 hour flight starting at Vancouver to Sydney Australia .

Sure you can add more activities how to pass the time but I feel it really has to do with mental strength, the ability to perservere and challenge yourself. It is about resilience and confidence one feels after the challenge.

Be Strong
Be Strong

I did not want to make this post about any top 5 , I did not feel it would help you. I wanted to help you understand how once you gain this mental endurance so you can go through any challenges you face in your life.

How to Develop It

Inner strength is about dealing with life’s challenges . Mental endurance is about having a sense of willpower and focus. You know the right path for you and you stay on it. You focus your mind on your goals regardless of distractions of fear, criticism , boredom or negative people.

No matter how hard, frustrating or unexplainable , you stay and continue on your path. At the beginning, solo travel was hard and fearful but I was determined to break through any obstacle because of my travel goals. And this is exactly what I am doing .

This is the mindset I had when I travelled to Australia.

Meditation and mindfulness are great to increase your mental endurance. Try something that keeps your mind stay in focus. Eating healthy and having a positive attitude on life is an added bonus. With these essential lifestyle, trust me you will fly your way through life fearlessly.

Photo by Heather Ford on Unsplash
Photo by Bekir Dönmez on Unsplash

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