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Biking in Montreal

How to Improve Biking in Montreal ?

Biking in Montreal

 Montreal has shown improvement  adopting a more green attitude, we are still not at our potential.We may never rank as high as Amsterdam or Copenhagen  as the most bike friendly city  ,but we sure are trying. I think it is one of the best way to see the city especially in the spring, summer and fall.

I recently got my new City Bike . I was  planning to use it to discover new neighborhoods , events or run a quick errand. Although our metro systems allows us to be in the first cart, they are not “bike ” friendly yet.  Not every station has an elevator so transporting a bike up or down stairs or escalator can be quite a workout and difficult.  This really  discourages the purpose.

Biking in Montreal
Biking in Montreal

Just in  Ottawa , the staircases are fitted to carry a bike.They have a flat bike way to transport your bike up while you climb the staris. Indeed brilliant &  easier; Montreal we do not have this yet.  It is time our STM can implement the same idea.

 Bike Paths in Montreal 

The lunacy  of Montreal’s traffic on main roads is enough to intimidate me riding my bike. Not every main streets in Montreal has a bike path for cyclists; how insane is that? It is scary and unsafe but sometimes we just have to take a main street. Although there are not strict rules on cycling here,  it does not make it ok to ride without a cyclist’s bike path. Wake up Montreal ,let’s go Dutch!


Biking in Montreal
Biking in Montreal
Biking in Montreal
Biking in Montreal


Bike Poles, Traffic Lights & Signs 

All I can say to these 3 most important indications is where are they? There are not enough around the city. Only a very few areas in the city has traffic signs for cyclists but not everywhere. Why? Cars have a plentiful of parking, traffic lights and signs for safety and rules but where are they for cyclists? Some  daredevil cyclists are able to intermix in and out of  traffic but not me I want to feel safe and not end up on some hospital bed. 


Best Areas to Bike Ride

I would love to try the best bike paths in Montreal however it is too far for me to get there . Montreal metros has its challenges therefore I can only rely on what I know is to have the best paths. From Lachine to the Old Port is suppose to be the ideal bike path in Montreal. Surrounded by lots of green and water along the canal makes it the most picturesque. Wait a minute so is Gouin Boulevard and this is where I go. Considered to be the longest street in Montreal it extends from east to west. You are surrounded by nature, water, colourful birds  and beware of some wildlife.



From le Plateau Mont Royal to Saint Helen’s island is one of the largest bike paths in the city.  Cross over to the other side and you end up on Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, great way to spend a summer afternoon.

Personally, I feel you can create your own bike path. There are lots of emerging neighborhoods here in Montreal to stop & discover or sit for an ice cream or coffee. Although it will be challenging to ride in certain areas, I plan to go with my bike  and show you the hidden gems  I find around the city. Promise to be safe and best of all I promise to have fun.

So whether you have a city bike, electric bike or any other type of bike, go out there, have fun and be safe. Happy cycling Montreal.









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