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How to Cure Wanderlust Fever During Covid-19?


Wanderlust Fever

Confining to our homes, doesn’t mean you should not feel inspired or look forward to travelling again. Let’s all shout F*** Covid-19 for ruining everything for us wanderlust , not only for travellers , personal goals or everyone’s state of mind.

Unfortunately Covid-19 is here to stay and we all must know how to stay positive and keep inspired . Dear wanderlusts , inspiration comes from anywhere and it is different for everyone. I just encourage you to look for your inspiration and feel that positive energy to uplift you and continue to follow your dreams.

“Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.” 

 Ella Fitzgerald

My obsession with anything travel and wonder how I can bring all this to you, my readership. Social media bombards us with visually appealing photos that makes one dream & inspire us to travel.

Instead , I decided to turn to the good “old fashion” print media to educate myself on new trends in the travel industry , travel news, or the new hotels that made it on the Hot List for 2020 ( although 2020 has been an nightmare so far. )

Travel Magazines

Photo Credit Unsplash Jess Bailey

Need a trip idea, new places to visits or road trips ideas ? Or perhaps how to hone your travel photography skills? Well F*** Covid-19 has not defeated this wanderlust , it only strengthened who I am.

Just last weekend I spent over 25$ on my favourite travel magazines to keep informed on what is going on in the industry so I can share it with you. This is one of my favourite way to feel inspired to read it either in a book form or a magazine.

You will notice that new articles will be based on travel information and probably not where I have been , which is ok. I still enjoy sharing it.

Old Photos

A good photograph, when captured beautifully allows you to remember everything from the ambiance, the smells, to the sound or to the street conversation one remembers.

A good photograph also allows you to explore more than you ever imagined. Our photos needs us to bring back to our unforgotten memories, who we were, how our vision or perspective changed or why you decided to go there in the first place.

Photo Credit Unsplash Joanna Kosinka

This is when you realize there is a lot more than you captured . The art of research becomes the new stage of a photograph. I acquire new information from books, brochures, exhibitions, TV, Podcasts etc to research more on a country .

My photography is not only my visual storytelling , it is also my journey on who I am and how I grow and with this I share with you.

My City Montreal

As a wanderlust , we always have our city to explore and Montreal is always transforming to new and fun things to do. If you haven’t done so yet follow me on IG @soniamilano_ where I always go explore a new neighbourhood and bring you the latest thing my city has to offer.

wanderlust Old Montreal
In the streets of Old Montreal ( my photo )

We can’t travel but Montreal like a good photograph will inspire me to be more curious & explore more. To me this is still the fine art of travel.

Stay safe everyone and continue to be strong & inspirational.

Featured photo Unsplash denys-nevozhai

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