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Guide to Vancouver’s Gastown Neighbourhood

Gastown History

Gastown Vancouver is an old yet trendy neighbourhood in Vancouver. Do you know where Gastown got its name ? Well, this is the reason :

This is how Gastown got its name

Named after Jack Deighton, nicknamed “Gassy Jack” for his talkative nature, locals decided to call it Gastown. This was back in 1867.

Today this neighbour has kept its beauty surrounded by Victorian Style architecture , fashionable shops and stylish locals browsing the streets.

Dazzled by the glamour of this little Vancouver neighbourhood, newcomers realize the display of pridefulness.

Best Shopping in Vancouver

Stylish & fashionable boutiques line the cobble streets of Gastown making shopping an exclusive experience. Kooky and over the top designs makes any conservative scratch their heads; or maybe even walk away.

I loved this neighbourhood.

This area has some of the most quaint shops ever.

Located right in the centre of Gastown, you step into an extraordinary fashion house of shoe mania !! The most outrageous shoe designs ever! Artistically decorated , everything is over the top !

Stepping into John Fleuvog shop felt like going back in my childhood fantasy land, where everything is accepted . Come in and visit this magical store of shoe craziness !

From ultra modern Italian furniture designs to shops of contemporary home goods, like Orling &Wu, Gastown has it all !

This is Gastown Vancouver !

Eat & Drink

Gastown will not disappoint in the coffee cultural scene. Almost every morning I would love to find a coffee shop, sit by a window and people watch.

I am not kidding you, a filtered coffee with a buttered croissant is close to 10$ Canadian dollars !!!! Ouch !

Here are some of the cool coffee shops I have been to.

Prado : At Prado owner Sammy Piccolo had 2 things mind; crafting the perfect atmosphere and the right taste of coffee. Prado has a very warm atmosphere and great space to have your coffee.

100 West Hastings Street, Vancouver

Bean Around The World : Their motto is about being good people and good coffee. Strong Wifi, good coffee just a regular hang out place where you see students stay for hours.

175 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1G8

PureBread : Family bakery where they bake delicious breads, treats or light lunch . A guarantee smile on your face when getting in and after you finish your treat.

159 West Hastings Street Gastown

Last but not least, as usual, I like to try restaurants in any country I visit. I must admit usually I am either always on the go grabbing something at the grocery store but I do take some time and research some good places to eat and this is what I have found.

Eating in Gastown

So they say, Gastown has one of the best restaurants in Canada. Hmmmm, I live in Montreal and I will have to keep Montreal’s reputation as real as it can be. But yes, Gastown will not disappoint. Usually known for the cocktail scene, I noticed Gastown has some of the swankiest restaurants with the coolest names.

Now I must admit as a solo traveller I avoid restaurants that are for social gatherings more than the food itself. I am comfortable with my own company but sitting down in a restaurant intended for friends and social gathering, eh eh no thank you!

I look for a restaurant based on a nice welcoming atmosphere and obviously good food. This time I chose Meet ! Vegan Restaurant , get it ?

No I am not either a Vegan or Vegetarian but I liked the way this place looked and they have a restaurant bar. Now people, if anyone is super conscious going to a restaurant alone, try one with a bar. Not only do you feel comfortable, but the waiters & waitresses take good care of you ! As if they know you are alone so they take special notice to you.

Meet Restaurant Gastown Vancouver
Meet Restaurant in Gastown
Meet Restaurant in Gastown

If you want other suggestion for restaurants instead of Vegan or Vegetarian, I found a few for you. Here they are , all centrally located in Gastown.

Remember most of the time this is the neighbourhood I chose to stay so I am sure there are many great ones around Vancouver. Vancouver is quite big and you need few days to really see all the different neighbourhoods.

Do you have any questions on Vancouver ? Get in touch !

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