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Granville Market

Give Granville Island Market a Try

Granville Market

The true essence of a city lies visiting their local markets. I can say, every city I visit, I love exploring the daily lives of the locals. How they communicate with each other, foods and recipes they share and who they are as people. This is reason to visit Granville Market in Vancouver.

Artisans in Granville Market
Artisans in Granville Market

It is approximately a 45 minute walk from Downtown Vancouver. You can take a bus but I always prefer walking . Get ready for a long walk.

Once you pass the bridge and walk , there is a temptation to turn back. Yes it is a long walk but even longer to find the entrance to the Granville Market. You can see the market from the sidewalk on the highway but no near sign of an entrance. Well, how long do I have to continue to do this ?

I was having some doubts on my understanding on getting to the market. I saw a nice looking couple and I asked 1 of the men where is the entrance ? How much more do I have to go. He was so nice and friendly and such a pleasure to be in the company of these 2 men, that this time I didn’t mind the walk so much.

Solo Travel & People You Meet

I always said, one of the best part of travelling is the people you meet along the way and they left such a memorable impression on me because of their friendliness and positivity ! They assured me there was an entrance and unfortunately Vancouver is designed for cars and not so much walking . Yes that made sense.

After a nice pleasant conversation , we finally reached, I found my kiosk to purchase my tour and we departed our ways. For those of you who think solo travelling is boring, you have a lot to experience. Solo travelling allows you to talk to others more because you do not have a companion to lean on.

I can say I met some of the nicest people travelling solo and some keep in touch.

Ok, so back to my Granville Market experience. The market is a must go visit place to visit in Vancouver. There are shops, cute little cafes and restaurants, artisans displaying their art and craft and tours you can take from Granville Market, like the one I took on the Zodiac !

This market is quite large so plan it well before you go for a visit. If you love history there is a whole section on their website . You will meet some friendly ducks roaming about the cafes or streets but please , please never feed them. They are very strict on that.

Granville Water Taxi

The best part is going back to Vancouver downtown, you do not need to go back on the highway and walk, or take a cab. They have water taxis that take approximately 5 minutes to bring you to a downtown port, so you can avoid all that walk and detours on highway.

Granville Water Taxis
Granville Water Taxis

The cost is about 3.75$ and it is fast and fun part of the visit.

Granville public market is a great place to visit. You can pick up and bring home some great food but overall just the experience is a delight. Be ready for a burst of all your senses especially smell & taste of great food.

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