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Get compensated for delayed flights

Get Compensated for Delayed Flights ?

Delayed Flights

As travellers we have all gone through this annoying failed service from the airlines, delayed flights! How is this even possible in a time when information is so quick to reach yet they still can’t get this basic service correctly.

No amount of delayed time is acceptable causing either one to fret and run at airport on a connecting flight or the stress having a loved one wait for us at airport. Simply not acceptable.

Delayed, cancelled or denied boarding ? Picture credit matthew-smith-OiiThC8Wf68-unsplash
Delayed, cancelled or denied boarding ?Picture credit matthew-smith-OiiThC8Wf68-unsplash

We as passengers , respectfully arrive at airport , giving lots of time to get through line ups and security. So why do airlines still fail delivering on time? This is our precious time.

Well now, my friends this is over ! Now is the time to get compensated for delayed or cancelled flight.

I will tell you how.

Cancelled Flights

I must admit I never had the experience of a cancelled flight but if you have been following me, you must remember my experience on my missed flight with SAS Airlines. ! This was so unacceptable that they failed to take ownership or responsibility of my missed flight.

Well, if I had this new service to get compensated for missed or cancelled flight back in 2017 I would be very happy traveller.


So how does it work ? In case of a delayed flight, cancelled flight or denied boarding, make your claim and get compensated. For more information or any questions , here is the website for full details, Compensair .

Stress of travelling
Stress of travelling picture credit chuttersnap-41-YdnYxh0-unsplash

If you have had this experience with an airline you can make your claim to get compensated.

Here is the link to follow through, I encourage you to make the claim because travelling in itself is already stressful and this is just an added annoyance.

Please share to your friends and family. During the summer many people are travelling and we should all be aware of this unacceptable service from the airlines.

Please note, if you get compensated , I get a 10 EUR for every fully completed application submitted via my referral link as per my collaboration with Compensair.

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