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Fashion Obsession
Fashion Obsession

Dress Everyday ,Like it’s the Best Day of Your Life

My Fashion Obsession

And my fashion obsession is back ! It has been awhile about thinking should I or shouldn’t I bring it back. I have decided to add a little section on my fashion obsessions. This is how I started this crazy journey on blogging , social media and photography.

Around September 2009 I was in NYC for a long weekend. The normal things to do in NYC, a broadway show, walking, shopping and eating out. I “accidentally ” bumped into what was NYFW ! The street was like a circus ; full of colours, styles , diversity, energy and street photographers just clicking and clicking away. I saw myself doing the same and it was great !

My love of street photography started specifically during fashion weeks. It was not about “street style” but capturing the moment, an emotion in photography during fashion week. My fashion obsession started ,I purchased my first DLSR camera and would attend fashion weeks. I must say, I was fortunate to see this parade several times in NYC and Milano Italy . Can you believe The NY Times also displayed some of my best shots, quite an achievement from me!

Fashion Week in NYC
Capturing a moment during NYFW -fashion obsession
Street Portrait during NYFW

Let’s face it , fashion is about expressing yourself through clothes, accessories and shoes. We are the canvas and we paint it , just like art. Every society has their form of expression when it comes to adorning oneself. The colourful adornments of the Masai Mara in Kenya , the lip plates of the Mursi Tribe in Ethiopia or Shimada wigs Geishas in Japan.

Why it Demotivated Me ?

It is not the fashion that demotivated me , it was the people, the unauthentic ones. Photography is an art and like every art there is the artist’s soul behind it. You see it and feel it if it is authentic or not. I could no longer take pictures that represented this inauthenticity through my subjects. To me it had to be real, it I had to see a glimpse of their soul. I had to be curious to know their story.

During fashion weeks, in a world as fiercely competitive as fashion, specifically between fashion bloggers, their greed to be seen or noticed was beyond evident. I cannot describe to you this “fakeness” but they would do their best to be noticed; like a peacock fluttering their feathers or posing to be seen. They were asking for it , they were hungry for the “fame” they wanted and would do anything for it. There was one blogger who actually emailed me to ask if I were to be there so I can take pictures of her , for free !!!

Took a Break

I put fashion on the side and decided to no longer do it however I am still very passionate how different cultures of the world dress & decorate themselves to express their cultural beauty. This is & will always be part of this blog.

So now, my fashion obsession is back but in a different way, in a way I still need to discover what or how I want to write or show fashion. Will it be about fashion designers, maybe a return of my street fashion photography again or my own style & how I try to dress well like it’s the best day of my life lol.

My Fashion obsession is born , photo credit “unsplash ”

I am yet to discover what I would like to add in my new section fashion. To my travel enthusiasts, it will always be about travel but I wanted to add some diversity . What if I will leave the discussion open to you my readership. Would you like to see fashion? What would you like to see? Photography, designers, trends, accessories, my personal style?

And so my fashion obsess is born again.

Comments are open , please let me know below, would love to hear !

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