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Experience Banff’s Hot Springs in the Mountains

Banff Hot Springs

Nestled on top of Mountain Ave. in Banff’s National Park, the Hot Springs is a must  when travelling to  Banff.  Canada is not known to have long white sanded turquoise beaches but the Hot Springs in the Canadian Rockies is a good  idea. 

From the town of Banff you can take the number 1 bus from Roam Transit, the fare is only 2$ and brings you right in front. It will get a little steep when walking  to the Hot Springs so work  your muscles.

A warm steaming thermal  bath in the mountains feels like the ideal thing to do at the end of the day. What makes the Hot Springs unique is the water flow from the mountains to the heated pool. It contains  5 minerals and temperature.At an elevation of  5200 feet , it makes it  Canada’s highest hot spring.

Banff Hot Spring
Banff Hot Spring


You can buy this  reasonable  entrance fee   priced at 8.30$ for adults . There is a coffee shop and a souvenir shop to pick up afew  nik naks, if you like that. The bus stop is walking distance to the Springs  .A hiking trail is available, ask for information at front desk. The staff  are very helpful and friendly.

The Landscape

 Soaking in the mineral, warm water glancing around the landscape of the  majestic Canadian Rockies makes it an ultimate experience at the Hot Springs. The mountains are at the highest peak covered with ice cap tops makes the landscape look  like a painting.  It reminds me how tiny we actually are on this planet. A truly unique experience leaving you feeling refreshed and  connected with  nature . Nature, that is not separated  from us but the realization that we are composed of nature.

Travelling to Banff has truly been a soul opening experience, connecting to nature brings you unity, clarity and an overall  well being of peace . To stay positive and feeling alive, it is important to be in nature and to remove, on occasion ,from technology. An unforgettable travelling experience.


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