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Mont Tremblant ZipLining

Epic Adventure to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

What is your comfort zone ? Why do we build this comfort zone? Basically , it is a psychological , emotional or social structure we build to feel safe. This false sense of certainty becomes familiar to us & causes less stress or anxiety. This is why many never leave this comfort zone . This “false” sense of security created , is not worth any risks.

But what makes you believe nothing can ever happen in the comfort zone ? Because in truth, anything can happen anytime, anywhere . That is life, face it.

Getting out of a comfort zone is uncomfortable to most & if you don’t allow yourself to venture out, it will be harder to do so. If you stay there, life becomes dull , boring and all your dreams are passing you by.

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Epic Adventure : Zip Lining

Travelling, specifically solo travelling is in itself quite the ultimate venturing out of your comfort zone. Due to all the travel restriction, we have not been travelling so you should not hold on to a security blanket. There are tons of things to do, to allow yourself to take risks. I decided to try zip-lining at Zip Trek Ecotour Tremblant .

Mont Tremblant is situated approximately 1.5hrs from Montreal within the Laurentian mountains. Mont Tremblant is known for our winter skiing but it also has a lot of activities to offer in every season . It is very safe even if you visit alone; the fully bilingual guides are friendly and help you with any questions. Another great way to break free from your social comfort zone.

Within the Tremblant Village is where you find Zip Trek Ecotour . If you are an adventure seeker, you will love this aerial experience which is not only thrilling & exhilarating but unforgettable. Surrounded by the pristine of the Laurentian mountains & spectacular scenery , zip-lining through the air becomes fearless & unimaginable.

1st Zip Line Platform

Zip-Line Tours

You can choose between the Express Tour or the Main Tour. I highly recommend the Main Tour. It has 5 zip lines, viewing deck, moderate hiking trail for a total duration of 3 hrs. The Express Tour has 1 Zip Line , viewing deck , trail walking for a duration of 1.5 hrs. Once you purchase your ticket, you sign a waiver & checkin online. When you reach the adventure centre your guides will assist you with the equipment and some important instructions. Follow through with the Covid 19 friendly measures.

The tour consists of a Gondola ride with spectacular views of Mont Tremblant & a moderate hiking trail so make sure you wear comfortable shoes; no open toe shoes or heels, obviously.

Mont Tremblant Views with ZipTrek Tremblant

You will notice the 1st platform is just a start to the adventure, it was shorter but giving you a taste of the adventures awaiting. I had 5 zip lines and I must admit the 2nd was my favourite due to the 1km length, the scenery & exhilarating experience. Be brave enough to look down in case you may see some wildlife, unfortunately I did not.

Mont Tremblant spectacular views

For those who may not have anyone to experience an adventure as this one, feel free to go on your own. This is another way to get out of your comfort zone and bond with others in the group. You can form new friendships .

Fear ? What Fear?

Let me tell you this, the best things in life are behind fears ! Fear is just a product of our imagination, & when you become aware of this , it becomes easier & easier to just do what we believe is scary. Once I stepped on that platform & plunged to this zip line experience, all fears vanish!!! I was like soaring in the forest , exhilarating & free.

Don’t let fear control you or your life, be brave & be fearless.

Although this was sponsored by Zip Trek Tremblant, all opinions are my own.

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